Why I’m Gonna Keep Bowling Through Life “Like A Girl”

I know it’s bad; but it’s only a recent thing that I’ve been able to stand with a straight posture, my head held high, a smile on my face and declare that I am a feminist. I’m a bra a wearing, makeup experimenting feminist! Really though, being a girl is 1/2 of the best sex you could have been born as. The other 1/2? You could’a been born a bloke which is equally badass. My kinda feminism isn’t about shoutingRead more

A Countdown Of My 7 Most Ridiculous Memories Abroad

Every time I tell people stories, I am normally met with “only you, Lizzie”. I’m often getting myself into bizarre situations that my friends look forward to hearing about. In fact, only yesterday one of my friends described me as having a likelihood to Shosh from Girls by saying “if we were at a party, you would accidentally smoke crack & take your skirt off and I wouldn’t bat an eye” – Don’t worry though Mum, I’ve never smoked crack, accidentally orRead more

5 reasons why you should use BlaBlaCar to get to your next destination.

Organised hitchhiking and a cheap trip sound like your cup of tea? Then BlaBlaCar could just be the thing for you… Why, I hear you ask? Because it’s a great way to meet new people This is probably one of my favourite reasons to get on and use BlaBlaCar. Often when you are using other means of transport you tend to pop your headphones in and ignore all those that surround you. Well this is something you probably shouldn’t doRead more