Literally Just 7 Animals Who Are Living A Better Travel Life Than You Are!

Two of the greatest loves of my life include Animals and Travel. So when I’m able to combine the two together and check out animals that are living their best travel lives and adding to my forever growing Bucketlist I’m a pretty happy girl! Check out my top ones that I like to check in with everyday below, and be sure to drop any more that I should check out in the comments! 1. Miami the Chihuahua! I’m a littleRead more

Why It’s Okay To Be Perpetually Single.

My last serious relationship ended in 2012. Before that I was a serial relationshippee, is that a word? Well it is now… I’ve not been completely alone since things ended with Mr Yorkshire (incase you didn’t guess, that’s where my ex was from). I’ve had flings and long term people who I see who have luckily accepted my unwillingness to commit and rolled with it. I was slightly more drunk than I should have been for a weekday with my bestRead more