You Can Take The Girl Out Of Spain But You Can’t Take Spain Out Of The Girl!

Today has been one of those massively reflective kinda days. You know the type of days that people only really have in music videos? Where they stare out of a rainy window whilst they drink something alcoholic, smoke a fag and think about their ex.  I’ve been having the same kind of day in my head. Minus the beautiful dramaticness of it all though, as I’ve been at work all day so wouldn’t really be able to get away with it;Read more

Dublin – The City of Guinness and 24 hour restaurants.

In Dublin’s fair City, Where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Temple Bar. Dublin has been on my ‘to visit’ list for as long as I can remember and I finally got the chance to go and visit towards the end of last year. I had hoped to visit a friend of mine at the end of 2013, but I had to bail pretty last minute… so when the opportunity came around again theRead more

Venice – the City on water.

Venezia, the floating City is famous worldwide for being the city of masks, bridges, water and romance. If I had a sweet English pound for every time a couple went to Venice – seeking a holiday that would make their future grandchildren blush from their own Italian love story – All inclusive of giving each other googly eyes over the table of a restaurant by one of the bridges, whilst eating a plate of (incredibly delicious) spaghetti then I wouldRead more