A Short List Of Places I Really Do Want To Visit Soon!

Each and every time I see a new destination that tickles my fancy, I can almost feel my boyfriend wanting to sink into the floorboards because he knows exactly what is about to come out of my mouth… “Can we go?!” I ask him gleefully, expectantly, excitedly. “Yes dear…” Is how he would usually answer with an eyeroll and a quick calculation as to how old we would be and how much money we would have left if we actuallyRead more

5 ideas to get into the Christmas spirit in London.

We have just entered my absolute favourite month of the year… December! The month of scarfs, gloves and coats… my mum’s birthday, and CHRISTMAS! I have spent most of my Christmas’s in London, so thought I would dedicate a post to talk you through places you should definitely not miss in London this year. Winter Wonderland Hop off the tube at either Hyde Park Corner, Green Park or Marble Arch. Winter Wonderland for me is iconic London at Christmas. EveryoneRead more