Growing Up British, Sorry…

Us Brits have an amazing talent of making a name for ourselves around the World. From getting drunk and incredibly trashy on a ‘Lads on tour’ holiday on a Greek Island somewhere, to taking great pleasure in the secret of what exactly a Cheeky Nandos is to ourselves (sorry, but I’ll never tell) to having the best god damn breakfast there ever was. Amongst all of this, there is one thing that us Brits do more than any other nationality,Read more

Mind the gap: A quick overview of tube etiquette and some free museums in London.

London, my dear, sweet London.. how I adore thee.. but you are both an expensive and hostile bastard. It is no secret that London is one of the most famous, visited cities in the world and that there are 3 types of people who come across London. 1) Those who love London 2) Those who can’t handle London and 3) Those who dream of London Londoners are famous all over the world because they get up at the crack ofRead more