My Magical Guide To Harry Potter’s London

With every year that passes, my love for Harry Potter only grows. There is something beautiful about the Harry Potter world that welcomes the Millennials that grew up alongside Harry, our parents/grandparents that were succumbed into reading the books and watching the films with us and all age groups that grow up behind us. It should come as no surprise that Harry Potter wasn’t just a quick flash in the pan and that its just as popular today, if notRead more

Florence – the City of art and creativity.

Florence is somewhere that I knew very little about before my trip, but it seems to have this habit of allowing its beauty to tip toe up to its visitors and capture a little piece of their heart. Around every corner you will be lulled into stopping by a new street performer who makes you feel like you are the only person that they are playing to, and with a gelato in hand as the sun beams down on you;Read more