How Not To Be An Arsehole Tourist…

Getting back into the swing of things after a week off in Barcelona finds me a bit tight for time over the next couple of days, so writing about my lovely trip is going to have to be put off for a little bit. If you find yourself sitting there desperately wanting to read about Spain, which I’m sure you are then you can read all about how to spend three days in Madrid here, or you can click here toRead more

The Differences Between Your British Friend And Your Aussie Friend.

Going out for mid-week drinks. Your British friend will sigh and say they are only coming out for one or two because they have a meeting first thing in the morning, but end up getting shitfaced and eating a kebab on the side of the road with you at 3am anyway. Your Aussie friend will hear nothing about work, and tell you to bring your A game to get shitfaced and eat a kebab on the side of the streetRead more

Tagliacozzo, the Ancient Village.

Pronounced TIE-YA-COTSO! Tagliacozzo is an idyllic Medieval Village found in the region of Abruzzo. It is no surprise that it has won the title of being one of Italy’s most beautiful Villages (I borghi piu belli d’italia). I wouldn’t recommend booking a holiday just to the Village, but definitely go to Abruzzo and factor it in as being one of the places that you go and explore. It’s absolutely breathtaking. My friend and I went on a daytrip on the trainRead more