7 Things My Mum Taught Me About Travel

1) You don’t need to break the bank on an extravagant all inclusive on the other side of the World. I would never, ever turn down a lavish, luxury trip somewhere. But unfortunately it’s just not always that affordable. My mum was bringing up two kids on her own and so couldn’t afford a lot of the holidays that kids in my class would go on. She never let that get her down though; we saw all the corners ofRead more

22 things that travel taught me in 2014

1) That the world really is a pretty small place. A friend of mine hooked up with a guy in Rome only to discover later on that they shared a mutual friend on Facebook, who just happened to be the guy that she was seeing on her study abroad scheme on the other side of the world. Once when I was in Iceland I got chatting to a lady on my bus, only to find out that she came fromRead more