11 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Abroad

1. Are you moving away or are you running away? I’m not saying that every traveller is running away from something, but some of us most definitely are. I moved away twice, and both of those times were because I was running away from something – And do you know what happened when I eventually moved home? Queue the worst anxiety and having to face up to my problems that I’ve ever had. It was hideous. If you’re just runningRead more

The Kindness Of Strangers: Volume 1…

Remember meeting Daniel when you read his interview? Well he’s only gone and written his first post for us! Read on for his hilarious ramblings about the day everything went to shit, only to be helped out from the pit of despair he was wallowing in by a kind stranger… The other day I was the recipient of some really good fortune. Some greying, beardy fellow upstairs was working overtime to ensure that, despite displaying clinical stupidity, I did not lose my walletRead more

A Tale Of Hong Kong By DB

Many moons ago, before I had discovered any of my vices, I started a new secondary school where I met the bloody amazing Daniel. He soon became one of my bestest best friends and constantly amazed me with where he would travel during his holidays. At the risk of sounding cheesy, he was one of my biggest travel inspirations in the beginning, and one of the reasons that I hope to make travel a lifestyle rather than a treat whenever IRead more