A Night At Bastille: Still Avoiding Tomorrow

Standing in the crowd with a cider buzz, I look around O2 Academy in Brixton and see that it is absolutely rammed with people excitedly waiting for the gig to start.

Support act, Lewis Capaldi, could have been the main act and person that everyone had come out to see tonight. From the moment he stepped out on the stage he had each and every single one us of captivated. Singing along to all of his beautiful songs, I could have forgotten that Bastille were due to come on after him. The man broke up his singing about heartbreak by stopping and talking to the audience with statements like “it’s time to think about someone else for a change you selfish bastards”.

Okay, I can’t remember whether he definitely called us selfish bastards or not, but I felt like he should have. He was down to earth, hilarious, could commandeer the room with his insane voice and funny anecdotes and from now on I am most definitely a Lewis Capaldi fan.

Next, the stage fills with a net that has nothing but red writing on it – 

“Still avoiding tomorrow?”.

Apt really, it’s 9.15pm on a Sunday evening in London, who in this arena isn’t avoiding tomorrow? The tour started in Birmingham before moving to Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and then finally to our patiently waiting ears in Brixton. It’s clear that this tour wasn’t constructed solely for a Sunday night in London, but with the band returning to their hometown, and looking around at the mass of people clutching a bev and hoping they can stay in this moment forever and that work won’t come for them tomorrow, it’s difficult to imagine that “still avoiding tomorrow” could have been intended for anywhere else then right here in this moment.

Perhaps, this is part of Bastille’s magic and the cleverly put together set and that people felt the same way in all of the arena’s that they performed in, or perhaps I’m over romanticising the whole thing.

We were treated to some songs from the new album, some of their mixes and the classics that made us fall in love with them in the first place. The band have definitely grown but I can’t help but adore them for the fact that they are clearly the same people that started out years back. Humble and kind.

Dan even topped off the gig by jumping into the crowd and dancing around with people on the other side of the room then where I was standing. The room was alight with screams and phone lights of people probably adding the moment to their Instagram stories or something.

Cheeky quips came right at the end when Dan told us all that there was one more song, before quickly rushing through and claiming that there would be two more after that. Maybe because his mum was in the audience and can see right through him, or maybe they just really are humble and didn’t want to stroke their ego by going off of the stage and waiting until everyone had demanded “one more song” for five minutes until they came back out again.

Either way, it was an absolutely glorious night and I can’t wait to book in another to see them for the third time because if they carry on as they are now then I don’t think I could ever get bored of being in a crowd listening to them.

I thought I would finish with a picture of me with a beer as I was drinking beer at Bastille

But this picture of me with a beer wasn’t taken at Bastille..


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