REVIEW: Dirty Bones, Kingly Court, Soho

It was a dark and somewhat chilly Autumnal evening when my nose led Rich and I to Dirty Bones. It was all by complete accident but what an extremely happy accident it turned out to be!

I didn’t end up taking any photos as I was off blogger duty for the evening but it was too yummy not to come here to write about… so I’ve lifted the images throughout this blog post from Dirty Bones’ Facebook page so that you can actually picture the food I had!

Drinks –

I stuck to a cider as per while Rich had a beer. There looked to be quite a good range of cocktails on the menu for anyone planning on going!

The main event –

As we had originally planned on going to Flat Iron for dinner that evening, Rich had a Flat Iron steak on the brain and luckily for him, Dirty Bones well and truly delivered. While I didn’t eat it myself, he opted for medium rare and it looked absolutely delicious!


Anyone that knows me, knows that there is very little that I wouldn’t do to get my hands on some gyozas. So when I saw cheese burger gyozas on the menu I knew I absolutely had to try them.

I have to be honest that neither myself or Rich really enjoyed them as I think perhaps a gyoza should stick to how I love it and a cheese burger stick separately as how I love it, but I absolutely applaud Dirty Bones for re-inventing the wheel with these as I think they are pretty popular!


Earlier on in the day I had smelt KFC, and that must have really been playing on my mind when it came to ordering dinner as I opted for the 3 piece fried chicken plate.

The chicken was insanely tasty and certainly didn’t disappoint. I actually only managed to eat 2 out of 3 in the end as they were so filling but I would definitely recommend.

The outside was super crispy and well seasoned, and then the inside melted in your mouth. I will most probably be thinking about this chicken until I get to go back and have it all over again.

Rich and I also shared some chips that were really nice and salty!


Finally, we also attempted to share a side of mac and cheese. I have to give it to the staff that originally when it came out it was quite cold, but as soon as I said something, they were absolutely brilliant about taking it away and bringing us another one that was delicious and heated all the way through.

I would say this mac and cheese was far too much between two people but if you have a big group then this would be perfect to share as a spoonful to accompany your meal.

I loved the crunchy topping and the seasoning along the top of the mac and cheese!


The Staff –

As I’ve touched on slightly above, I really couldn’t fault the staff at Dirty Bones which is what I find really makes a restaurant for me! They were extremely helpful and would laugh and joke with you and made for an all round lovely evening.

Overall I will most definitely be returning to Dirty Bones as soon as humanly possible… maybe next time I’ll go for a brunch to check out that menu!

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