12 Reasons To Eat And Drink Your Way Around Hackney Wick

East London isn’t exactly a secret with how much its areas are becoming vibrant “must visit” places. Hackney Wick has all the makings of Shoreditch and Dalston in terms of how quickly its blossomed into a hub where people want to hang out, but has managed to remove the part where you’re left feeling like an utter dickhead for not being cool enough to hang out there from its makings.

So for that reason and the fact that I felt like writing a blog post, here are my top 12 reasons you should put it on your radar for hanging out in within London too:

1. Randy’s wing bar

Holy, mary mother of Chicken wings – this is one of the biggest gifts ever given to me. I made a mistake on the buffalo wings as I’m not keen on blue cheese, and they were pretty overpowered by blue cheese sauce but the Gangnam wings on the left were the absolute one and I don’t think a day will ever pass where I don’t fancy eating my way through a portion of them!

They also have bottomless wings and beer days along with all you can eat wings deals which I want to give both a try if there are any takers!

2. Channel your inner nerd alongside your inner alcoholic


I could have very easily walked straight past Four Quarter’s East without even realising it was there but I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t. As you walk in from the outside , the bar will open up into a game haven. I’m talking games in the tables, arcade games surrounding the room and even booths that you can sit down and play on consoles.

Drinks are reasonable and the arcade games are only 25p a go which I think is fab for the usually overpriced London.

3. Break up your eating and drinking by wandering around and ogling at the street art




4. Crate crate crate crate crate maaate


Picture from the Evening Standard

Crate is probably one of the most go-to spots in Hackney Wick and for good reason. Food and pizza. Outside is so much fun in the Summer if you can get a good spot and you can spend your day in a buzzing atmosphere keeping a good eye or two as to whats going on in the water.

5. Views of the olympic park

images (2)

Image from artmap.london

6. There is nearly always something to see happening in the water


the nudge kayak.jpg

7. Number 90 bar and kitchen


Photo from Eat Travel Live

I came here for drinks when I was already pretty drunk and it was so much fun! It felt massive and buzzing inside with great music and toilets that made you feel like you’d just gone on holiday. I think I might even prefer this place to crate.

8. To feel like a daring beer connoisseur

If I’m going to have a pint of anything then its gonna either be a cider or a lager of some kind, but sometimes its quite nice to taste different actual beers in different breweries like you can around Hackney Wick.

9. For the Instagram

A concrete, industrially jungle right by the water makes for photogenic scenes. And if you can’t find the best landscape shot then you’ve got a haven of bars and food places that you can use for inspiration to make your hungry friends sitting at home jealous!

10. Just to be around other random, happy and nice people

I don’t know what it is about Hackney Wick, but I find there’s something about those Londoner’s thats just a bit nicer than other ones. It’s probs cos they’re drunker, but its actually acceptable to talk to a stranger or smile at a stranger without getting the same weirded out look that you’d often receive in the rest of the City.

That, alongside the fact that there are SO MANY lovely dogs dotted around the gaff that their owners don’t mind you saying hello to and stroking makes for the best accompaniment to your big fat day of eating and drinking your way around the small area of Hackney Wick.

11. You’re not going to get lost on your way to finding the train station

giphy (22).gif

I have the worst sense of direction in the whole wide world… to the point where I could literally find a way to get lost doing the same route that I have taken for years on end. So after a heavy day of drinking, I absolutely welcome a place that has a lot of bars and food places in an easy to navigate location and very close to the station.

12. You can always get chips for the road


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