Why Every Girl Needs An Online Tribe

Back in the days of dial up internet, Myspace and Msn, I remember my mum instilling the fear of God into me over not talking to strangers on the internet. Stay away from Habbo Hotel, she would warn me. Every now and then she would inspect my list of Msn pals and make sure that they were all people that I actually knew in real life and weren’t people I’d met on the good old inter-webs.

While I am thankful now that she was so strict about it and ensured I was kept safe in the World Wide Web, my relationship with the internet is so very different at 26 years of age. These days I have a big old tribe of women that I’ve both gone on to meet in person, and also some I’ve never met who all have each other’s back, and that space feels really quite nice.

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An online tribe picks you up when you’re at your lowest

It’s not that I can’t tell my in person best friends all about my high’s and lows, because let me ensure you that I can and that I’m so grateful that they always have my back. But when our time that we get to see each other is limited, I don’t want to harp on about the same lows for the entirety, because you want to be in the moment with your friends.

For me, anxiety is a great one in this group, because there are so many people going through the same thing. Not that you want others to suffer with the same thing that you are, but its helps to feel not so alone in it, and to remind you that you aren’t an anomaly.

An online tribe celebrates your successes with you

Girls are known for being Bitchy Betty’s and only wanting to drag one another down. So its pretty cool that there are safe havens for us on the internet full of girls ready to ‘daaaaaayyyuummmm Daniel’ the shit out of you when you post a picture of your Bday party outfit.

Although recently I’ve fallen slack of joining in on the day to day chat, I love that I constantly have lovely things popping up on my Facebook timeline from that group of women boosting women.

An online tribe is great at helping you make friends when you’re travelling solo

Travelling solo is cool, but its always nice to have someone that wants to go out and party with you when you go to a new City because that’s not really something you want to get up to on your own. It’s nice to have someone who fancies brunching and making their way through a shit ton of eggs with you. While I haven’t managed to meet any of my tribe during my own travels, I have managed to meet quite a few when they’ve been passing through London and I bloody love it. It’s cool to meet someone new, but that new person is already one of your close pals from how long you’ve been talking on the internet and then they get to show you around some of their City.

An online tribe means you’re never alone

No matter what time of day or night it is, there is literally always someone to talk to as people are scattered all over the world and in all different time zones. Whether I want advice on how to deal with tummy cramps or if I’m just a little boozy and fancy talking crap with someone for a little while, someone is always available and ready to join in on your ramblings.

An online tribe awards you with non-biased advice

If you go to your family or friends with a problem then the likelihood is that they will immediately take your side because they love you and in their opinion, there is nothing wrong that you can do. The beauty of having an online tribe is that where they don’t actually know you, they don’t actually know the other people that may or may not be involved in your tales of woe either and so you will outright get told if they think you’re being a dick, and I like that.

An online tribe can evolve into best friends for the rest of your life

A couple of my online gal pals have turned into an immediate click and best friendship when we met in person. I almost cried when I met one of them and panicked and gave her an inflatable crown as our first date present and this turned into speaking everyday, hanging out as often as possible, having beautiful drunk and sober memories and eventually… her breaking my heart and moving back to Australia. She will never not be one of my best friends, and she will never not hold a place almost more special in my heart than Rich does and I’m grateful to know that I have the internet to thank for finding that stupid button of joy.

Same goes for another Australian online pal who ended up with a t-shirt with mine and the others face on. Now that the internet gave me her, I’m not letting go. I’m lucky enough to have a big old handful of people that I’ve met from the internet who I genuinely adore and won’t be losing touch with.

An online tribe gives you creative inspiration when you need it

Blogging can be lonely, like really lonely. You’re working on your own and you only have your own ideas as a colleague and sometimes you feel like sacking it all in and giving up. I found a couple of blogging Facebook groups a couple of years ago and thank god I did. Thanks to that group of people I’ve been kept inspired and have made so many great connections and friends that are also bloggers. They’ve become a great space where you kind of feel like you have colleagues, and the best part is that no-one is trying to do better than anyone else, we’re all trying to help everyone do well.


Do you have your own online tribe? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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