My Very Hungry Guide To Kings Cross

Growing up in Barnet always found my usual jaunts to be the likes of Camden, Leicester Square, Covent Garden etc. Kings Cross was always just a tube station that I’d see on the map, and never held any reason for me to go and spend any real time there. Fast forward to the last couple of years, and its actually become a real regular for me.

Living in Welwyn Garden City, meeting up with my friends is usually here as its the middle ground with them living in different places in London. I can get to Kings Cross in about half an hour so its become an easy, fun little hub to spend some time in.

So without further ado, here is my complete list of places that I go before I get hangry in Kings Cross!


I am a self proclaimed nightmare when it comes to eating out. I take forever to decide what I want when choosing as everything sounds so damn good, and then when I have decided I’m probably still not happy with my choice as I’m too busy being jealous of what everyone else is eating. Dishoom is the perfect hub for someone like me as it offers Indian small plates, so my friends and I only ever order lots of things altogether which results in NO food envy as we’re all eating the same AND I get to try a lot of different dishes.

I would recommend the lamb samosas, chilli cheese toast and the calamari from the small plates. The lamb boti and chicken ruby is also amazing. I could eat here atleast once a week and never get bored… my bank balance would have other things to say about that though!



As I’ve mentioned above, I’m an absolute sucker for anywhere that I can go and order lots of small plates. So, naturally, a tapas restaurant was bound to make it on the list! The atmosphere is always buzzing and its always an absolute pleasure to go here for a bite to eat, or even something to drink!

I dream about the Iberico pork on a weekly basis which is served with sweet potato. I love getting a big old selection of all my Spanish faves to take me back to the glorious time that I was lucky enough to live there. Some Padron peppers, patatas bravas, garlic prawns, Iberico meatballs, some fried cheese and some croquetas please! Obviously things would quickly add up if you were to get all this for just one or two, so make sure that you come with a handful of hungry friends so you can taste your way across the menu!

The Plus side of this place is it also has a bar and a place to boogie so you literally get everything you could want under Camino’s roof!


Paolina Thai Cuisine

If you’re looking for pretty and fancy then you should really keep looking because this place isn’t the place for you. But if you want no thrills thai food that is clearly made with love and each bite is as delicious as the last then this place is for you.

You’d be forgiven for turning around when you see it from the outside and sacking it off for an alternative, but I implore you to go inside. I absolutely love the mixed starter that comes inclusive of prawn toast, chicken satay, fish cakes Spring rolls, parcels and prawn filo’s. Other times I might be more inclined to get a plate of dumplings. I’ll normally always go for a beef pad thai, but the thai can be pretty tough sometimes so you could always try the chicken.

A further plus to this hidden gem is the fact that its BYOB, making it even cheaper if you like a drink with your food like I do.



If you’re anything like I am then you absolutely love an opportunity to indulge in some good old fashioned street food. There is something about street food that tastes automatically better and is a much better time than sitting in a restaurant somewhere. Now that the weather is hopefully going to start getting better, why not head to Kerb between 12 and 2 from Wednesday to Friday to get your street food game on?

Located in its home of Granary Square, it is the perfect place to people watch, have a lunchtime drink that you’ve hopefully got from the supermarket and indulge!


Big Chill

This would usually be somewhere that I go for drinks rather than food, with its cool rooftop that is perfect for summer evenings, its reasonable prices and its good selection in music. Occasionally though, I will be found ordering a big old burger and sweet potato fries to go with said drinks from here.  The food is pretty tasty and won’t leave you walking away disappointed.



Located a stones throw from the station, I love this joint on a sunny Saturday to indulge in eggs and some afternoon wine, or coffee. Its an awesome people watching spot with so many people walking past you a minute, and I would recommend grabbing an outside table and a blanket and getting comfy to watch the world go by for an hour or so.

Its so easy to go into a restaurant and forget what time of day it is as they’re dark inside, but I love that you’re very well aware of the time of day and everything buzzing around you with Vinoteca’s big open spaces!


Did your favourite eatery in Kings Cross make the list? If not, where should I be going to eat next time?!

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