How To Spend A Weekend In York

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again.

And when they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,

And when they were only half way up,
They were neither up nor down!


Remember when I was all about that being perpetually single life and wrote a post about it here? Well it feels like I blinked, met Rich, got all lovey dovey and woke up to our two year anniversary, which is what made us decide to go explore York for the weekend!

Wet the whistle in…

The Kings Arms

First stop is to go to the pub that floods, the Kings Arms! We didn’t need scuba gear to get in, so the below clearly isn’t my picture but see for yourself:


Located just by the river, the drinks are dirt cheap when you’re used to paying London prices and I really enjoyed the no thrills feel of the entire pub. There is obviously very little point in spending a ton on the interior if it is just going to flood and get destroyed anyway, so the inside is very basic.

Highlights include the flood level meter that show you the different levels and years of the floods they’ve had. Go and stand next to it, I better the floods have been taller than you are!

The Evil Eye Bar

Picture lifted from their Facebook page because I forgot to take one.. bad travel blogger!)


I started by ordering one drink but then changed my mind completely when I saw someone elses and thank god I did. I ended up with the Constantine which is a vodka based cocktail with limoncello and fresh fruit and honestly… it was the juiciest, most delicious glass of fun I ever did taste.

The bar was really cool as it also has a gin shop next door with hundreds/ thousands? of different gins. Its got cool chill out areas and actually reminded me a lot of some of the bars you would find in Falmouth.



We actually didn’t go for a drink here in the end because the queue’s were super long and there was nowhere to sit down and chill but it looked really cool inside. Its in a City that has strong Viking influences, it has bones in the floor and the deco is pretty sick, how can it go wrong really?!

Go and stuff your face at…

The York Roast Co

Ayyyy papi.

For a chain, fast food joint, this place was the absolute one.

Rich indulged in a roast wrapped in a Yorkshire Pudding which would have given me the biggest food envy in the history of food envy if I hadn’t been too busy wrapping my mouth around a pork, crackling and apple sauce roll.

I will never not want that lunch.




We actually found this place by complete mistake but it was the cutest, quaintest little Italian joint ever. Walking around York at about 8.45, we didn’t think we would need to book a table for 2 at that time, but we couldn’t believe how busy everywhere was, including Manzano.

But the kind staff set us up with a glass of wine and chatter and cleared a space for us quickly. The atmosphere in there was buzzing full of happy, hungry patrons.

Every single member of staff were a pleasure to speak to and I’m really happy we found this place. Rich went for the lasagne, I ate one of the most delicious sea food spaghetti’s known to man and we shared some bruschetta!

It took me right back to all of the delicious meals I’ve eaten in Rome, and thats saying something!



After the saddest, failure of a brunch that I had to send back, Rich suggested we go to check out what was on offer at the street food place and THANK GOODNESS HE DID.

Krep was magical, the man and woman working there were magical and the food was magical.

I had bacon, cheese, potatoes and egg in this delicious crepe that I will never not want to eat. Honestly I wouldn’t bother going to any fancy breakfast places, I would head straight here and have a coffee and one of these bad boys in the sunny deck chairs next to their van!

Feel joyful doing…

Walks on the walls around the city


Channel your inner soldier and imagine that you’re protecting the City from these walls… or don’t… thats completely up to you. I absolutely loved walking around the walls though, you can make informative stops to read the little snippets of history dotted around everywhere for you. And you can really soak in where old meets the new around the City by seeing grand design type apartments a couple of feet view away from the Cathedral.

Visit the Castle

york 6

Clifford’s Tower is a little steep in price at just under £6.00, but as a one off in a Castle fortress type thing that you’re never going to visit again, its kinda worth it I say. It’s a nice walk around it, there’s a lot of History to read, the views are lush once you climb the stairs and we even got to witness a granddaughter, grandfather combo having a fake sword fight inside the fortress that was adorable.


Visit The Shambles/ Diagon Alley

I will never be ashamed of how much I bloody love Harry Potter, and how I will unconditionally love anywhere that transports me to the Harry Potter world in one way or another just like the Shambles did.

A rickety road where everything seems out of sorts, it is completely rammed with people busying about, I was about ready to run and find myself a wand and an owl. And to be honest, you probably could get those bits in not one, not two but three Harry Potter themed shops that inhabit the Shambles.


Pick out one of the Ghost Tours

Literally wherever you walk in York will find someone standing in full costume ready to give you a flier for their ghost tour. We collected about 3 of them and then weighed up the cost, time and reviews online of each tour before picking which one to go on.

To be taken with a pinch of salt, this was a pretty fun way to spend an hour walking around York and listening to ghost stories.

Wander, wander and wander some more

Rich’s sister described York to me as somewhere to just walk around eating and drinking in and honestly she couldn’t have hit the nail even more on the head with that one. It’s a beautifully walk able City, with constant changing landscape.

Parks, waterside, busy shopping parts, I love how differing the City can be in just a few short steps and that’s definitely something to really take in and enjoy during your time in the City.



Visit the National Railway Museum

This was actually a really lovely way to end our weekend in York.

It’s free to visit, but I think its really deserving of a donation that they ask for of your choice. You get to see royal trains, royal mail trains, all sorts of trains all the way to first aid ones.

These were the ones that stuck with me the most as I had never really thought about how soldiers wounded in war were transported before. The bleak reality about passengers dying on these trains, screaming out in agony from the bumpy ride with their broken bones really hit home and I was fascinated reading some of the diary extracts from on board the train.


TELL ME: What would you recommend doing in York that I haven’t included from my short weekend visit?!

(Photos used for Valhalla and Marzano taken by the awesome Social Robot team! Check them out if you have a Small Business that you need help promoting in York!)

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