Absolutely Smashing It In My New Weekend Job

I’ve been living for the weekend and holidays for quite a long time now. Working full time in the week has left me absolutely gagging for that sweet, fun weekend ahead! That was until my tax bill propped up around the corner and I realised I needed to SAVE SAVE SAVE.

I decided to email a load of local venues saying something along the lines of “are you taking on any staff at present? I’m hoping to take on something casual where I can choose hours to work…” or something super duper well written like that. One day I opened my inbox and voila! A reply and an interview was awaiting for me amongst those thousands of junk mail I can’t bring myself to spend time deleting!

An interview later and some paperwork back and forth and thats what led me to my first shift on Saturday evening! I spent the idea before it behaving like any reasonable human being would, by being an absolute miserable grump about missing out on ALL of the Halloween and weekend fun… sorry boyfriend!


Shift one awarded me with a SUPER CUTE AND SUPER FUN gold tie and name badge. My name badge says ‘Elizabeth’ because I’m a sophisticated old gal now.

Here’s a picture that I just took with them on for ya because I know you really want to see me with the tie and badge in my jammies:


Whoopsie #1

Nail varnish.

My beautifully, fresh painted, pinky red nails didn’t go down well at all. Apparently you’re not supposed to wear it.

I also had my hair down, but luckily had a hair tie to at least rectify that one!

Whoopsie #2

My top button was undone and so I looked like a scruffy little toe rag and one of the Managers literally had to do the button up and fix my tie for me until I was presentable enough to be able to represent them.

Whoopsie #3

Leaning. I kept leaving back on the back bar as I was mid conversation with some of the other staff but apparently this is a big no, no no!

Whoopsie #4

What are you going to do with the new girl behind the bar while there isn’t much to do behind the bar? You’re going to send her around the room to collect the glasses and h’orderves plates right?! That should have and would have been a perfectly reasonable request if I didn’t smash 7 champagne flutes in the kitchen during my collecting process.

Okay, all is fine now, the smashing situation is over. Until I walked out the back and managed to drop another tray which luckily only smashed one more.

I think its safe to say that I won’t be on champagne flute collecting duty again anytime soon.

Whoopsie #5

I might have accidentally hit a guest in the back of the head with a dish when I was serving the food. STOP HITTING PEOPLE, DROPPING THINGS AND BREAKING THINGS LIZZIE!!!!!!

Whoopsie #6

I kind of forgot that I wasn’t working in a club or a bar like I did when I was in University when they started playing some absolute classics. I began singing at the top of my voice and boogying around the bar while serving guests. Apparently singing and dancing infront of guests isn’t allowed.

Whoopsie #7

This wasn’t actually a whoopsie of something I had done wrong. This is a life whoopsie that I think I made by being a good employee in one sense of the word.

  1. I turned down feeling the abs of an ex Saracen player when a guest and Kelly Brown offered me to
  2. I turned down free drinks because I didn’t think that I would be allowed to take them in this job

So yes, they were points that I was doing the right thing job-wise, but was I doing the right thing life wise? I love drinks and when else will I get the chance to touch the abs of a Saracens player?!


So there we have it.

Thats how I messed up in at least 7 different ways while in work on Saturday… this isn’t even counting the amount of times I yawned in full customers view or how I had to be given a 10-15 minute lesson on how to carry plates because I can’t be trusted.

TELL ME, have you ever worked in a bar or service before? 

Have you ever had to take on a second job in order to save for a big bill or anything else?

Feel free to give me any and all tips you possibly can to help me with either thing in the comments below!


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