10 Reasons To Binge Watch “Travels With My Father” Immediately!

Hello! Incase you don’t know, I’m Lizzie and suffer with a hideous addition to terrible TV. No really, I’m talking Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Don’t tell the bride, First Dates. You name it, I probably watch it!

So then came one evening when my boyfriends sister/ fave pal came into the room to join me for a good old fashioned TV binge. We roared about my bad choices and then she suggested one of the best pieces of television that has ever playing infront of my two eyes.

Not only did it crack me up and give me all those Wanderlust feels, it also did something really important… it made me feel like Jack Whitehall isn’t a complete and utter dick afterall!

As if those aren’t enough reasons to watch it, here are a handful more:


Family feels

Its always nice when a parent a Father and Son get along and have some good banter between them isn’t it? There’s not much better feel good family feel’s that I can think of than Jack Whitehall attempting to take his Dad backpacking round South East Asia all inclusive of sleeping in Hostels.

Michael Whitehall

The man is a legend. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything and spends most of his time during the series ripping it out of Jack Whitehall.

Oh, and at one point during the show he rents out a really expensive hotel room just to have a poo in peace.

Seeing an older parent at a Full Moon Party

Just another point on Michael Whitehall being a complete and utter legend to be honest.


Travel buddie inspiration

One of the things that I loved so much about the show was how different Jack and Michael are. Jack was pretty happy to slum it a little whereas Michael lived in his suits and was about the highlife. It was nice to see how they were able to compromise with each other in order to do bits of what they each wanted to do, and they had a fantastic time together! The people I travel with tend to have similar travel interests as I do so its always been pretty easy, but the show has inspired me to give travelling with someone with different interests a go in the future.

The incredible looking hotels

I’ve always loved staying in Hostels. I’ve loved the socialising, the cost and all the different quirky elements you’ll find in different ones. But something has changed, the older I’m getting, the more I’m craving staying in a nice Hotel, or even a nice cosy Air bnb. My travel style is changing and I like having my own space instead of being in a dorm with other people and I think there’s no shame in that.

There was one hotel in Bangkok that they stayed in that looked real nice and with a great roof terrace to view the City from above. I don’t know if it was the Shangri La or maybe the Marriott?! Jack Whitehall, buddie, if you ever end up reading this then feel free to let me know where you stayed!

Train Travel

I love trains. When I was in University, I would have to travel 8+ hours door to door and 6 and a half, 7 hours of that was spent on the same train. Where this is most peoples idea of hell, I absolutely loved it. I loved taking a blanket and a pillow, watching a couple of shows or films on my laptop or cosying up and having a real good nap.

Ever since this, train travel hasn’t come into my travel plans very often which is a real shame when you think about how much of the world you’re missing seeing by flying over it rather than taking a train through it.

One of the episodes finds Jack and Michael taking the Eastern Orient Express after Jack has been convinced into shoving one of his dad’s suits on. It looked pretty dreamy to be fair and now I really want to give it a go.

The train… not the suit.


To laugh and learn things all in one sitting

Although its a comedy show, they are travelling through South East Asia and so you’re set to learn a couple of things along the way like that there are these dolls that people adopt as their children and that Elephant polo is a real life sport.

The incredible backdrops

They’re travelling through South East Asia, of course there is going to be some gorgeous scenery along the way!


Michael Whitehall is a 76 year old man who agreed to travel halfway around the world and explore new things with his Son on television. Jack had never had a gap year even though they wanted to, so I love the fact that the two of them upped and did it together and managed to make an incredibly likeable television show out of it.

I wouldn’t really say that its a case of “if they can do it then anyone can do it”, as Jack Whitehall and his dad do happen to have a camera crew, a television station and Michael Whitehall’s wallet behind them. However, the fact that they’ve upped and done it together and been willing to open up and try out what the other one want to do is pretty inspiring.

Shoutout to British food

Us Brits are known for our politeness, our abruptness and our sarcasm. But the rest of the world wouldn’t really rant and rave about the British cuisine. You know who would? Certain British men and women that love nothing more than the British food that they know and love. Michael Whitehorn is no exception to this as he refuses to try the noodles and delights of Thai food and instead opts to get steak and chips.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on the hunt for fish and chips, a pie and a roast dinner off camera at some point!


So thanks Jack and Michael Whitehorn for creating a seriously enjoyable, lighthearted, binge worthy show for us to all watch!maxresdefault.jpg


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