Literally Just 40 Things I Really Miss About Rome

1. Seafood pasta


2. Gelato

3. Circolo Degli Artisti (a club)

4. The cobbled streets

5. The colosseum


6. The over enthusiastic hand gestures

7. The long meal times

8. Italians

9. The roman forum

10. Bookshop bars along the river

bookshop bars.jpg

11. The pizza

12. The magic

13. Hanging out and having drinks in a Piazza late into the evening

14. The language

15. The Trevi Fountain


16. Regularly walking past the Angels and Demons building

17. Being so close to my main man Papa Francesco

18. The Yellow Hostel

19. The fact that a Hostel can follow the Pope on my list

20. Piazza del popolo


21. The fact that you can buy beers every couple of meters from road stands

22. Being able to visit a million times and still not seeing it all

23. Feeling fit AF after a few days walking around everywhere because you don’t want to miss anything

24. Always saying you’re going to try out the tram but then never doing it

25. A bajillion accessable rooftops


26. Being dragged down a ton of back roads, starting to freak out a little but then being taken to the most delicious, hidden restaurant

27. The fact that you can indulge in History and Shopping in the same day

28. Laughter filling all the spaces around you

29. Tradition

30. Making friends with the locals


31. Being encouraged to drink wine or beer during most times of day

32. Espresso

33. Real coffee

34. Being able to get to other places in Italy cheaply and easily

35. Pizza shop men that feed you pieces of orange in your Hostel bar all night


36. Hanging out in Trastevere

37. Staying in Trasevere

38. Italy

39. The happiness of it all



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