How To Cope With Your Period When Travelling

I hate my period, and you’d probably hate me when I’m on my period to be honest.

I’m spotty, ratty, hysterical, bloated and in complete and utter agony. So I bet you can imagine how much I bloody fear getting a period when I’m away, which has happened on a fair few occasions now.

It sucks, it completely and utterly sucks but there are definitely some ways that can help you deal with your period while you’re away!


Embrace it!

Aunt flo’s here now and she really isn’t going anywhere, so you can either sit there in a massive grump refusing to speak to her until she leaves or you can make things less awkward for everyone and make her feel a little at home.

The only thing worse than having a period is not being able to accept that you have a period because then you resent it with everything you have and it makes it more painful than it already is.

Embrace that god damn red storm and accept that the next few days are going to be a little rocky and then I bet you your body will surprise you by going a little easier on you!

Give your skin some good TLC!

Not in a big headed way, but I used to have the best damn skin ever. And then I reached the age of 24 and my skin decided to break out and give me 2 years of hell, and god knows how long it will keep going for.

The worst point for my skin though is my period time. It breaks out, it dries up, it gets as depressive as the blues and its really hard work. I let it run unruly for about 2 years before I found an actual, good skin regime for it.


  • St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
  • Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Facial Wash

  • Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

Or whatever you fancy really, I’m no skin expert and I don’t use fancy products, these are just the ones that I’ve found work for me. But do try something, the difference it makes becomes noticeable really quickly!

Prep prep prep prep prep!

If I’m getting any type of long transport when I’m due on my period then I will make sure I have a pad on even if I’m not on yet. I’m not about the unnecessary tampon wear so its gotta be a pad.

We’ve all been there when we’re going through day to day life when we suddenly feel that cramping feeling and we know that aunt flo has arrived. Maybe we’re sitting on a flight in-between two strangers, maybe we’re roadtripping and are at least 4 hours away from the nearest service station?

I don’t ever want that moment again and so always make sure I had a just incase pad on and just incase feminine products in my hand luggage. Don’t start off your period by hating it because then its only going to get worse.

Use heat packs!

This was an absolute revolution for me a couple of years ago when I was in Amsterdam. I was in absolute hell and could barely get out of bed as I lay there close to tears in period hell.

BUT THEN my friend Fiona gave me a spare heat pack that she had in her bag and I shit you not… it changed everything.

I don’t use them for every single period now but I have taken them with me on trips where I know I might come on. If you know that you want to get up and about and do a lot of exploring then you don’t want to be confined to your bed with a hot water bottle. This is where the heat pack is an absolute dream. Pop it on your belly and hold it in with your tights or trousers and then get up and go. It’s a portable hot water bottle and that makes me really happy.


Consider using a Divacup!

Okay, so I haven’t actually used one myself. But the things I’ve read from the female travelling world absolutely rant and rave about them!

People declare that they’re one of the easiest and most hygienic ways that they’ve ever travelled on their period.

You can read more about them here!

Occasionally skip one!

Okay, go and read up on the health benefits and side effects before listening to me. But if I’ve got just a short holiday and don’t want it stunted at all by having a period then I will just keep taking my birth control so that I can skip one.

I’m not saying this is the best and healthiest option, but sometimes its just the most convenient when you don’t want one!

Give in to your body!

I know this is kind of similar to embracing the fact that you have one. Except, don’t just embrace it. Give in to your body. Obviously you can try and exercise and a lot of the time that will help, but sometimes there is nothing you want more but to lie down, nap and writhe in pain.

If that is the case then do it. You’re not going to have the best time wandering round if you’re in pain and your body’s crying out for a nap so just go and have a god damn lie down, you will feel much better for it when you’re awake again and can enjoy the evening!

Good luck with your time of the month gals, I hope you don’t get it when you’re travelling, but if you do, can you think of any more tips that have helped you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

1 response to How To Cope With Your Period When Travelling

  1. aah! my friend is selling diva cups in chiang mai for this reason. i have an IUD so i’m lucky to live without them (kinda) during my travels.


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