I’m Coming To Terms With What My Broodiness Is And You Can Too!

There really is no reason for the love island picture being this cover photo, but it made me happy so I won’t apologise!

I have a confession… a big, fat hideous confession.

Recently I’ve been experiencing baby fever in its highest heights. All of my waking days are filled with how my day would feel better if I was pregnant, if I had a baby to love and protect and keep any kind of badness away from.

But listen up those of ya’ll that don’t ever want kids! I am not saying that these things fulfil your life more. Because your life is perfectly fulfilled if you’re living it exactly how you wish to live it, but right here right now, my ovaries are being pesky little buggers and knocking my baby fever on high.

But here’s the thing that I have to keep reminding myself whenever I get bouts of baby fever: one week I can’t stop thinking about noodles, the next I can’t stop thinking about Nandos. I then might have a whole damn month where I can’t stop dreaming about seeing every country in the whole world, followed by another of having cramping baby fever.

But it will pass, I get all sorts of cravings come and go and whether or not my body tries to fight me on the fact that this one is extraordinary, its going to pass, just like the other ones do too!

Am I crazy for babies consuming so many of my thoughts right now? No, I don’t think I am. Animals get broody, people get broody, it’s a feeling that has gone on longer than I have and that makes me feel okay in this. As much as I’m yearning for this right now, I know that it will pass and that I just need to keep myself in check.

Even if meeting little beauties like Layla Rae send me doolally…


Checking in with myself!!!!!

  • I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of tights without holes in them
  • I’m temping and have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life
  • I know that I am nowhere near done spending as much money as possible on travel
  • And meaningless shit tbh
  • I’ve already had a panic attack today about how I’m going to save how much I need in a short space of time – let alone paying for a baby
  • I live in my partners folks house
  • Wine is life
  • I get random urges to take huge bites of food from someone elses place and what if I finally do it in front of my kid and then my kid becomes a phantom food off of other peoples plate biter?
  • I love getting drunk
  • I love lying in
  • I have stage 9 anxiety over everything and nothing
  • I am not ready to be a mum…even if sometimes I desperately want to be.

To help me along the way with getting over my broodiness before I have a tantrum until my partner agree’s to have a baby I thought I’d put a big SOS in one of my groups on Facebook and ask the girls to help me not want a baby right now… some of the results were 12/10 hilarious:

1. Go and eat at a restaurant on kids night!

giphy (7)

2. Remember the last time your pet had explosive diarrhoea all night and imagine if it was a child!

giphy (8).gif

3. Google on average how many diapers a baby goes through a day and then look up the cost of diapers and do the math for a year!

giphy (9).gif

4. Google “poop up back baby”

giphy (10)

5. I used to crave my own googoogaga but then I started working in a school. Nope nope nope my ovaries snapped shut!

giphy (11).gif

6. Watch one born every minute, you definitely won’t want one then!

giphy (12).gif

7. The average cost of a child per year in the US is $16,200. Catch flights, not baby fever!

giphy (9)


8. No booze for 9 months!

giphy (13)

9. Watch a live birth video!

giphy (14).gif

10. No sushi, coffee, or booze for 9 months and of that isn’t enough your body and vagina will never be the same!

giphy-downsized-large (1).gif

So that’s it really, I thought I’d post this to try and help any other broody ladies get to understand their feelings!

Make babies, don’t make babies, do you boo, just don’t feel bad about feeling certain things that your body makes you feel!


14 responses to I’m Coming To Terms With What My Broodiness Is And You Can Too!

  1. Been there and done that…till I got a baby of my own and even thought the depression hitted me hard in the face for a couple of month after I gave birth I could go through it again just to have her by my side. And to be honest, I am not sure if anyone can feel ready of being a mum because there is always a doubt and because we want to be a perfect mum.


  2. StressedMum says:

    I had severe baby blues before having my child, I think the eating in a restaurant and poop up the back are two great ideas for maybe changing your mind x


  3. yang says:

    Lol.. I am not married yet, and the thought about having a child is far. However, I enjoyed reading your post. I am sure I will recollect everything you said here when I am there 😉


  4. Jhilmil says:

    Oh I can so much relate to this post , I had severe baby blues and didn’t knew how to cope up with those 9months. But it went through!


  5. Yukti says:

    Baby blues are common and all the points you listed are very true. But babies are so adorable, that all worldly pleasures can be sacrificed for them.


  6. kalliamanika says:

    haha so funny! Baby fever can happen to all of us and seeing it from a refreshing point of view is very funny!!!Great job!


  7. fashionenzymes says:

    I believe everything has both positive and negative impacts on our life. It all depends on how we want to pursue them and live our lives.


  8. elenasts says:

    I can relate to everything you are saying here. I am in my thirties and i am a school teacher but I am not sure whether I want kids or not. I adore my nephew and niece but then again I feel relieved when they go home and I have quiet time for myself 🙂


  9. toastycritic says:

    I agree with you that you shouldn’t feel badly about the way you are feeling. Whether you want another baby or not. Just accept that we go through stages at times.


  10. I am at the point in my life when I prefer to catch flights but I know I will settle down and have kids. I am sure I will relate to your gifs just like any parent 😀


  11. Alaine says:

    Hahahahaha I had a good laugh. I went through a phase like that a couple years ago. Snapped out of it when I remembered all those funny things why I’m not ready. But if I get accidentally pregnant, I also wouldn’t terminate it either because it could be a blessing in disguise.


  12. I appreciate the angle on this one! Honestly, my fiancee is currently coming to terms with all that is included with child birth and she’s brought up a lot of the points that you have as well. I’m going to pass this along to her because I don’t think this brings up what we’re going to face, but with a lot of grace and humous. Thanks!


  13. London Mumma says:

    I totally feel your pain right now, i too have been having these urges as it were. but alas I dont think it will happen as I am no longer with my daughters father and anxious about meeting someone new.


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