A Short List Of Places I Really Do Want To Visit Soon!

Each and every time I see a new destination that tickles my fancy, I can almost feel my boyfriend wanting to sink into the floorboards because he knows exactly what is about to come out of my mouth…

“Can we go?!”

I ask him gleefully, expectantly, excitedly.

“Yes dear…”

Is how he would usually answer with an eyeroll and a quick calculation as to how old we would be and how much money we would have left if we actually went everywhere that my desperate heart desired.

He’s a good egg and has taken an interest in my behind the cover stats stuff on this old bloggy blog and is pushing me to get off my ass and write more. He actually started this post with bright eyes and a bushy tail, oh wait… that might be the dog so let me try this again…

He actually started this post himself and told me to finish it… so here I am.

He wants me to help him out and actually sit down and write about the top places I want to visit and why, I think it’s to give his ear a rest from me talking about a new place every other day, but here we go…


Dubai wasn’t really on my list until recently because of 2 reasons.

  1. My good pal Holly whose pictures these are (go and look at her insta!) works for Dubai and goes on all these magical trips there that look really fun and nice.
  2. Rich’s aunt and her family moved over there and we want to go and see them.



So, we can firmly say that Dubai is on the definitely list so I can walk through the desert like a desert princess like Holly did.



Jan Sochor Photography

Mexico has been on my list forever and always. Maybe its a throwback to my emo days thats irking me to go to Mexico to join in and celebrate the day of the dead processions, that this is one of my absolutely – without a shadow of a doubt – must do – bucket list items.

I want to celebrate day of the dead and then fill the rest of my time there with eating street food. Drinking tequila… I know I hate tequila… but I wouldn’t hate tequila if I was having tequila in Mexico though! And then chilling and dancing at the beach.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


Travel and lesisure

I’d heard of the Galapagos a long time ago, but it’s only been in the last year or so that I’ve really started feeling an interest in going. Madagascar has always been on the top of my list, but actually, right here and now I think the Galapagos has over taken it as the place that I want to go and see for it’s hugely diverse wildlife.


Pier and gazebo on clear blue water at a tropical beach

World travel guide

When I started diving in the UK I started scouring the web for other, much hotter and lusher diving spots and that’s where my eyes fell on the Seychelles. We’re gonna have to save up a pretty penny to actually be able to do it but the diving, the chilling, the picture taking and the eating would all be pretty dreamy here!




This one will probably come as a bit of a shock to Rich as I’ve been such a Scrooge about Christmas during the time that I’ve known him. But I can’t imagine anything better or more magical than going to Lapland during the depths of winter and frolicking in the snow with some Reindeer pals!

Even better would be to stay in one of those Igloo hotels where you can spot the Northern lights as you lay down to go to sleep at night.



Panoramic Journeys

When I was in year 12 at school, I couldn’t take my nose out of this series of books by Conn Igguilden about Genghis Khan.

His books were based on non fiction but were written in a fictional way which completely dragged you into the story and wouldn’t allow you to put down the books until your eyes screamed at you to allow them a period of rest.

With every sentence I read, I was able to create more of a vision in my head of what I imagined the lands to be like that were described in the pages. So this is definitely in the list of places I absolutely have to see for myself some day.

So here’s a snippet of places that I really really really do want to go and see, but unfortunately for Rich that won’t stop me from asking to go to different places everyday until we’re really old and really poor.



Let me know your really really really, absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt have to visit places in the comments below!


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