Literally Just 10 Cityscapes And Where To Find Them

Prague, Czech Republic


Every corner you turn in Prague is going to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. I took this image at Petrin Tower if you want the exact same view; but I wouldn’t go too out of your way for the perfect shot of Prague as it is so incredibly picturesque.

Potes, Spain


Top tip: Keep an eye out for when the Orujo festival is and go then. Shots are 20 cents a go and there is live music and generally just an incredible night!

Fes, Morocco

flying over the medina

Ask a tour guide to take you to the spot where you’re “flying over the Medina” which is all my tour guide told me when he took me here.

This is one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed and everything about it just feels kind of magic.

Somewhere in Abruzzo, Italy


Put a week in Abruzzo on your list. Fly into Rome, rent a car and spend the week driving around. You will find Lake’s, Mountain’s, Cityscapes, Beaches… pretty much everything that you could hope for in the beautiful region.

Barcelona, Spain

park guell8

You probably recognise this as nearly everyone that has been to Barcelona has taken a similar image. This was taken at Parc Guell; but again, Barcelona is absolutely full of incredible viewpoints.

Naples, Italy

view 1

Walk, walk, walk to Castel Sant’ Elmo.

Why not make a wee picnic and take that with you to really enjoy the time at the top?

Chicago, USA


MAAAAAATE THIS IS MY FAVOURITE VIEWPOINT EVER. Head to Signature Lounge, grab yourself a drink and then go to the girl’s bathroom where this is your view?!

Dublin, Ireland


This actually isn’t the most idyllic, is it? But I love it all the same.

Get to the guinness factory and then head on up to the Gravity Bar where you can chill with a pint and take in the Industrially goodness that can be seen from the window.

Lisbon, Portugal


Whilst this was taken at the Viewpoint of our Lady Mt which is the highest point in all of Lisbon; I love how hilly and picturesque the entire City is… (even if it is a bit of a fucker to walk around all day everyday).

Even on a foggy day, the viewpoints are well worth the walk.

London, England

13133304_10156827018885177_3985546407119119080_n (1)

Get your arse to the Skybar at the Double Tree Hilton at London Bridge and grab yourself a coffee… or even something stronger if it tickles your fancy and soak in one of my favourite views of the City.

23 responses to Literally Just 10 Cityscapes And Where To Find Them

  1. Ohh yes take me to anyone of those places now! Especially Lisbon because my husband speaks portugese and I find him sexy using that language!😂 He never use it othervise.


  2. ludbritt1591 says:

    I love all these pretty pictures of beautiful places to visit. I wish I could travel right now. But at last, it is not in the cards for me. Maybe once the little peanut is older.


  3. kalliamanika says:

    AH! You are giving me serious wanderlust vibes! I have visited only a couple of your suggestions and I wish I had visited all of them!


    • It’s such a tough one! I think probably Charles Bridge. I felt like I was in a detective movie there which was quite cool, what was your favourite vantage point there?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • fotoeins says:

        Hi, Liz. I love Charles Bridge at the crack of dawn, regardless of season, though in truth, one has to be brave to take on a cold winter day in the Czech capital. A few years ago, I went to the National Monument in Vitkov, and that’s one of my favourite vantage points. A little further out, I also like the view from the second castle at Vysehrad.


  4. I’ve been to all of those. They certainly have their advantages, but Prague will always be the number one. Seriously beautiful city.


  5. These all look like amazing places to visit. I haven’t been to the Skybar yet in London but it sounds interesting. I’m not to good with heights but if I might give that a try as the views must be stunning.


  6. Ana De-Jesus says:

    As someone who lives in London I definitely recommend the sky bar. I would also recommend Portugal as well but then again I am probably biased haha x


  7. Laura Dove says:

    I’ve only ever been to Dublin and London but I love both of those places! This is a great list, I’d love to visit some more European cities.


  8. Kavita Singh says:

    Barcelona is always my favourite place to visit. An amazing place filled with plenty of things to do and really worth a visit.


  9. Genesis says:

    They’re all amazing, but Potes is the one I’d really like to visit, if I had to choose just one. That being said, I’d go to all of them if I were able. Travel is awesome and city scapes are pretty cool, too.


  10. Aditi says:

    These are some really beautiful cities, some of which I have visited some I wish to visit soon enough. You got me at the Signature Tower of Chicago, I did the exact same thing; went to the bathroom to click this gorgeous view and a selfie or two. 😀


  11. I love your list of city options. I’m also delighted to see that you added Dublin to it as that’s where I live. I haven’t been to the Gravity Bar yet but I must put it on my list of things to do. My next option would be to visit Fes as I love Morocco but haven’t visited Fes yet.


  12. Middle Eats says:

    One of my favourite cityscapes has to be Bangkok, when you get up above the chaos and away from the noise it is absolutely beautiful.


  13. Taylor says:

    You’re so well traveled! It’s definitely one of my goals to experience as much of the world as I can, thanks for the inspiration!


  14. toastycritic says:

    I live in the states and I am sad to say that I haven’t done that Chicago cityscape just yet. My favorite one here is the one from Barcelona. Love the view and all of the beautiful architecture in view.


  15. simplysensationalfood says:

    I would love to visit all these cities given the chance to do so.


  16. Made Adayasa says:

    Those places on your list are stunning . Great place to visit . I was a seamen and almost visit most of the places on your article above . Sadly I was only working , didn’t have much time to explore around .
    Wish one day I can get there


  17. siarraturner says:

    Barcelona skyline stole my heart…but I’m excited to see the Chicago skyline again really soon!


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