5 Globetrotting Girls That You Should Be Following Right This Second

Over the past year or so I’ve been part of a bunch of travelling groups where I’ve become friends with tons of girls, some of whom I haven’t even met yet!

Some of the girls are 9-5ers, some are Instagrammers, some are bloggers, some are nanny’s and the list could go on and on. I genuinely root for their successes, feel their pain when they’ve had a rough day, have a little pout when I feel one of their posts should have got more likes than it did, but most of all just want the best for all these amazing women I’ve gotten to know thanks to the interwebs.


A picture from one of our London meetup’s filled with wine, hugs and bad life choices!

Although a post full of drunken pictures from different travel meetup’s would be GLORIOUS, I’m actually here to pay homage to a bunch of badass girls whose adventures I follow for different reasons!

Sophie’s Suitcase!


Sophie is an online bud who I haven’t gotten round to meeting yet. I’ve always adored her blog, and I’m clearly not the only one as she won the Cosmopolitan blog awards in 2015 and was shortlisted as an Influencer last year too.

Sophie works full time and has found a way to incorporate that, becoming a home owner, travel blogging and anxiety all into a superhumanly manageable life.

Ever since she openly started talking about her anxiety that she seemed to hide so well, I’ve been routing for her to achieve everything she wants in life as she’s such an amazing role model to so many women who have mental health issues by showing them that anything is achievable once you accept that sometimes not being okay is actually okay.

Joanna Romano – Fit Backpacker!


Meet my WCW errrryday.

Joanna’s another internet friend whose face I can’t wait to kiss in person some day.

Travel blogging is a really funny thing behind the scenes. You build a large support network of all these people that you’ve never met in person that are as precious to you as your favourite chocolate is.

This babe has my favourite Instagram account of all time where she is constantly posting pictures from your Bucketlist.

Where some accounts make you feel slightly resentful as you sit there and realise that you’ll never even dream about the life that person is living in their amazing clothes, Joanna makes you wanna stand up and start a slow clap every time she posts.

Down to earth


An absolute 12/10


Gloria Atanmo – The Blog Abroad!


Have you ever friend crushed on someone so hard that reality gets muddled up with your friend crushing and you’re not even sure if that persons your real life bestie or if you just like everything they do on Facebook?

Glo with the flow. A corny pun, turned life motto.

Glo has inspired POC (people of colour) to live happily and free in the skin they’re in no matter that obstacles come their way because of that in different countries. Like getting refused service in a restaurant because their skin is the wrong colour. As someone who is ‘privileged’ I’ve never seen or even thought about this being able to happen to someone, but people like Glo are teaching me everyday.

So not only is she inspiring POC but she is inspiring people who are privileged like I am to use that privilege to make the world one that I want to live in.

She does that, receives adoring fan mail, makes peoples days better without even knowing she’s done it before I’ve even had my breakfast.

Janet Newenham – Journalist on the run!


I started following Janet when she was in the thousands on Instagram. I’ve since seen her account run, jump and leap all the way to an incredibly well deserved 47.1k+ followers.

She’s one of the nicest, most down to earth gals that I’ve come across in the biz and switches between making her success look incredibly easy (when you know it really isn’t), and opening up between her blogging and travel faux pas making you love her that bit more.

Sarah Elisabeth Johnson – The girl with the map tattoo!


Sarah is my little blogging hero!

She’s travelling 24/7 whilst opening up about travelling with depression showing people that you can still kick ass and do all that you want to do even if your mind is trying to tell you otherwise.

On top of all of that we’re in one of the same groups on Facebook where she is constantly appearing on my timeline picking other women up and making them feel better.

While these girls are my “must read, and must follow everything they do” bloggers. 

I could sit here for hours writing and talking about so many more amazing girls that are out there making travel blogging their thing,

Who are your favourite Female Globe Trotters? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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