Literally Just 7 Animals Who Are Living A Better Travel Life Than You Are!

Two of the greatest loves of my life include Animals and Travel.

So when I’m able to combine the two together and check out animals that are living their best travel lives and adding to my forever growing Bucketlist I’m a pretty happy girl!

Check out my top ones that I like to check in with everyday below, and be sure to drop any more that I should check out in the comments!

1. Miami the Chihuahua!


I’m a little bit obsessed with this sassy little Chihuahua.

Based in Rome but travelling all over the World, you can find her by some great monuments that you would kill to go to yourself.

She’s usually posing and Instagram ready in one of her fashionable outfits like only a true Italian could!

Follow her on Instagram here!

2. Amelia the #boatlife Cat!


Amelia’s owner found this gem of a kitten when she was making her way through an adventure!

Even though Liz’s Instagram is pretty amazing on it’s own, her shots of Amelia’s adventures will have you pining to be her rescue kitten and not an actual human being.

3. Aspen the Mountain Dog!


Aspen is a hiking, camping and adventuring dream… and has one of my new favourite names!

The Golden Retriever who has never taken a bad photo in his entire life is officially the only thing I want for Christmas… (I’m looking at you friends, boyfriend and family!)

Check out his adventures here!

4. Millie the climber!


Millie’s escapades will have you in giggles the whole way through her owners Instagram account.

She’s exactly my kinda girl between lying down in the desert and reluctantly being pulled up canyons. She won’t allow you to leave her out of the adventure, but she doesn’t quite want to have to do it either.

5. Loki the Wolfdog!


Seriously just go and look at this little guys adventures for yourself here!

He is the happiest, most beautiful pup in all the land and will fill your heart with joy.

6. Burma the adventure Cat!


Burma has been an adventurer since day one.

Look for Burma swimming in Lakes, doing pull-up’s from whatever is available and climbing over rocks!

The best thing about Burma’s adventures is that there is honesty behind them too, with his owner posting everything from what he gets up to all the way to the time Burma attacked him and he realised he had to get him fixed.

Check them out over on Instagram here!

7. Esther the wonder Pig!


Esther is the absolute best!

She is super relatable to the weekend wanderers who are slaved to their desk all through the week and use their weekends to the full for adventures.

She loves a nap, making new animal friends, going to see new places and most of all just being herself.

You can go and follow her here!


9 responses to Literally Just 7 Animals Who Are Living A Better Travel Life Than You Are!

  1. A Hearty Nomad says:

    A fab post thanks fort introducing me to your friends. I hope to meet them in person one day but probably they would just piss at my Legg 😋have a lovely evening! Looking forward to read more!


  2. Leigh | Campfires & Concierges says:

    Love it! I just opened a separate Instagram for my dog yesterday as we’ll be traveling for 6 months later this year 🙂


  3. Cali says:

    I love this! I always said my passion is travel but I may have to change that to traveling with a furry companion!


  4. Steph says:

    Haha love this post! I follow Aspen too such an adventurous dog! What a lovely way to travel and a very unique post 🙂


  5. Wendy Maes says:

    I love the pig! I miss my dog when I am on the road, but I think he wouldn’t like traveling with me. He loves the dogsitter too


  6. Milijana says:

    This so funny and brilliant post. Seeing all these pets travelling made me smile! They are all absolutely gorgeous!


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