My Favourite Moments of 2016

2016 hit most as the year of the big scary. It started with a Gorilla and continued making it’s way through many big dogs in the celeb world. We saw more terrorist attacks than I can remember from any year prior to this during my lifetime, the UK decided to make the shitty move of Brexiting and then Trump got voted as prez.

Whilst I can see how that was in fact a really shit year. A lot of people have been sat in the warmth of their home screaming out to the Universe to keep Betty White protected… please do that though Universe if you’re listening.

For me on the other hand, 2016 was one of my best ever yet.


Looking back to January 1st 2016 I was nursing one of the worst hangovers that I have ever had and feeling pretty bleak about the year ahead. It was gonna be another one of those years that just sort of sandwiched the years around it, acted as a step to the next one and nothing to note would really happen.

But then suddenly, and pretty unexpectedly it turned into one of my favourite years ever.

I brunched shit loads.


Not a lot actually makes me happier than filling my body with brunch food and bottomless prosecco. Whilst this has been pretty popular in the states with mimosa’s for quite some time, 2016 saw it becoming much more popular in London.

Check out Villandry for my favourite brunch spot, but if you’re looking to save some money then jump onto Groupon or Wowcher where you will find some great deals that won’t set you back too much.

My boyfriend walked into my life


Aaaaand queue gross, soppyness.

I pretended I was cooler than I am by going to a music festival in Budapest


Sziget has been on my list forever and ever so it was really great to be able to go this year and be able to cross it off with some of my faves. Obvs I got the worst festival flu ever but it was well worth it!

For the first time ever I’ve started getting a’hold of my anxiety by going to CBT


Anxiety has played a roll in my life for as long as I remember. I don’t think it’s something that I’ve actually mentioned on the blog before as you wanna be able to read about a happy go lucky gal that is out there living the dream – but there you go. I have it pretty bad but I’m gliding into 2017 with a better understanding of what it is, and how to tame it.

My best friend had a baby!!!


This is as big and amazing as she was when she was pregnant.

She’s the first of the bunch of us to get pregnant so obviously I’ve been an excited mess.

I saw the neediest, most relatable graffiti in Amsterdam


I hung out with Monkeys


This might have been scary as shit when they wanted to smack me in the head, but it was really pretty great!

I got a new family at a Turban festival in Oslo


Bestie treated me like the Princess I am by taking me to Skygarden


And also jumped in a Timemachine to the 20’s with me


I got to return to Cornwall back to the place where I met my best friend


We had the sunniest, loveliest couple of days exploring and eating in places both old and new to us.

I went back to my home town in Wales for the first time in more years than I care to admit


Walking along one of the same beaches that I’d been to with my gramps many times when I was growing up helped me to feel close to him again.

It was a strange, happy little sad sensation but I know that I can’t leave it that long before going back again!

Mum turned 60


And outdrank the lot of us. My dawwwg.

I got to see this one Ice Skating for the first time


And fight the urge to trip him over and point and laugh at him, even though boyfriends love it when you do cute and fun things like that.

I ate my way around Rome


This is something that I plan on doing for atleast a weekend every single year.

And received the cutest hate mail



I met some of the most amazing people I could have dreamt of meeting


And re-connected with some of the coolest old ones too


I realise that I’m a bit late to the game of rounding up 2016 as we’re already into 2017, but now I’m feeling all emotional, happy and grateful and not ready to let go one of the most collectively hated years in my lifetime – because as I’ve said above, for me, it was my absolute favourite.

Thank you for reading along and being a part of this blog throughout the last year, I appreciate every single one of you that read my rambles, comment, and make it possible for me to get free shit to tell you about every now and again.

I can’t wait to see what happens in 2017, but somehow I feel like it may be drunker, funner and filled with a heck of a lot more adventures.



18 responses to My Favourite Moments of 2016

  1. gtcookbook says:

    This is such a cute and goofy post! You’re so adorable!
    We actually have a load in common for 2016 memories – 1. I met my boyfriend and we’re going on one year next month πŸ™‚
    2. I was reunited with my best friend who I met on the Camino de Santiago in Sziget
    3. I saw monkeys for the first time on a daytrip to Gibraltar.
    …so basically we should brunch, because I agree that you can never have too many mimosas. Sincerely, stranger from the internet (or new blogging friend πŸ˜‰ )


  2. neha says:

    You had such wonderful moments. You got your boyfriend, a new family, a new friend – your friend’s baby and had so many places to visit. Wish you lots more in 2017


  3. natalietanner says:

    Pretended to be cool? I think a rock concert makes you totally cool in my book! You have arrived in the cool zone! What a great year you’ve had. Best wishes for an even better 2017!!


  4. I think the general feeling of 2016 is I’m-so-glad-that-year-is-over. What a refreshing read! Glad you had a fabulous year. Here’s to 2017 – to more travels and more fun times with loved ones! Cheers, lovely!

    PS – LOL-ed at “most relatable graffiti” ;P


  5. kittytocity says:

    What a year! I too often suffer from anxiety, cheers to for being strong and getting the help you need to overcome the disorder.


  6. Gem says:

    Granted I live in the USA, I can attest how crazy 2016 was haha.
    It’s, however, very important to find the silver linings in tough situations. I am glad you had a wonderful year!
    2016 was thought, but luckily I had some wonderful moments and great memories traveling.
    Love your post! Keep on traveling πŸ™‚


  7. kimmconn says:

    This is awesome, Lizzie!! It made me feel all happy inside reading through your incredible year – its insane that was all in one year!! So glad you had a great one!


  8. sounds like it was a great year. Though i want to know what you did to get hate mail that sounds exciting. Glad you had a great year and I hope 2017 if just as good if not better.


  9. Sounds like a splendid year to me. You are always as cool as you think you are. If you’re think you’re cool enough for a music festival – blam you are. We are forty somethings living in a hip, party town in Southern California. Literally, we live in Whoville. Doctor Seuss wrote “The Grinch” based on partying in Pacific Beach disturbing the snobs on Mt Soledad. It’s a parable of some sort. We use all of our CBT skill to choose how we react and I say choose to be as cool as you want to be.


  10. You really had a rocking and cool time in 2016. Loved the way you have experience life to the full, every moment of the year. Wishing you the best for 2017 and looking forward to your 2017 reminisces.


  11. tabassumtrails says:

    What an amazing year and a brilliant way to cherish it through this happy post. I hope 2017 brings more of such moments in your life.


  12. It seems you had one hell of a year! Thumbs up and keep this spirit in 2017! I wish you happy travels and more moments with your close ones!


  13. This post echoes how I feel about 2016. In terms of what was happening in the world politically, it certainly couldn’t have been worse, but on a personal level, it was excellent. Feels like we both did a lot of growing. Mainly through travel. I think a lot of other people should travel more and open their minds.


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