Why I’m Gonna Keep Bowling Through Life “Like A Girl”

I know it’s bad; but it’s only a recent thing that I’ve been able to stand with a straight posture, my head held high, a smile on my face and declare that I am a feminist.

I’m a bra a wearing, makeup experimenting feminist!

Really though, being a girl is 1/2 of the best sex you could have been born as. The other 1/2? You could’a been born a bloke which is equally badass.

My kinda feminism isn’t about shouting about why I’m the better sex, it’s about shouting about how we all are which is why I actually love the #Heforshe campaign running at present. If you’ve somehow missed out on it then go and read about it here.


For the last year I’ve been part of a group on Facebook where women build eachother up on a daily basis, which is how I know this beautiful Lady giving me her moustache to borrow.

I told them that I was writing a post about all the things that I’m proud to do “like a girl” and could they give me some inspiration?

The next thing I knew, the responses started rolling in and then the post shifted away from my favourite topic of me and onto them . How else can I show you how to be proud of doing things like a girl without showing you some of the women that inspire me on a daily basis?

The Beautiful Lauren Lee made me wanna be her best friend when she said

“I don’t spit out curse words, I enunciate them like a fucking lady”


Gabby Beckford gave me goals when she told me

“I adventure like a girl. I love cliff jumping, bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, and rock climbing with my 5’3 frame and my Leo, Kylie Jenner lipkit.”


My spirit animal Stephanie Baker reminded me why I fell in love with her when she just got hungry

“Will eat all the contents in your fridge, freezer, pantry and STILL ask for dessert, like a girl.”



Chanel White got all ‘tough but girly’ on me

“I shoot like a girl in heels and a dress, all while arriving on my sports bike!”


My beautiful Maggie Dziong gave the most Maggie response that she could have given

“I do everything like a girl because I’m awesome AF”


Tracy Hull made me clap, blush and then clap again when she was all

Lead, fix shit, and enjoy sex like a girl!”


My angel and cheerleader Garima Batra made me wanna start dressing better when she said

“My airport looks are at an extreme… Like a girl! Either you’ll see me wearing heels, carrying my Jimmy Choo or its gonna be wearing yoga tights, trainers and carrying a backpack!”


Mina Mia came to the party and made me hungry and inspired me to love my body more when she was all

“I almost never cook like a girl, I eat outside and give all my money on food! and love my fat belly!!”


Cristina Lupita Cortez marched onto the sceneย  like

“I weight-lift like a girl, fuck the treadmill!”


I used to get offended if I was told I’d done something like a girl. I was a tomboy. The only girl on my football team and always the last to be picked which led to me getting a piggie back from David Seaman as he believed in my right to do things like a girl.

And now that I’m an adult, dress a lot girlier and work with a load of blokes I’m often called out when I ‘do things like a girl’. But instead of getting upset about it nowadays I’m more like “damn straight I do it like a girl”.


  • I cry like a girl, which reminds me that I do have the capability of feeling things even when my depression and anxiety does it’s best to convince me otherwise.
  • I argue like a girl because I can’t hold my tongue if something is bothering me, which means that I discuss things and find resolutions before it becomes a big problem.
  • I whinge like a girl because I’m not living in an opressed society where I’m not entitled to have an opinion.
  • I cook and clean like a girl because my mother taught me to be able to both work and be able to look after myself.
  • I dress like a girl because I wear whatever allows me to occasionally strut around like the worlds my catwalk and I’m Beyonce.

Just before I end this post, I’m just gonna leave you with a couple of things that I don’t want you to forget…

Girls are weak.


Women should be seen and not heard.


Women aren’t funny.


AND The only place for a woman is in the kitchen.



6 responses to Why I’m Gonna Keep Bowling Through Life “Like A Girl”

  1. gtcookbook says:

    YAS Queen! (if you haven’t seen Broad City, DO! It’s got the two coolest feminist comedians around imho).
    I do everything like a girl, and proud of it! It should never be an insult!


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