Stepping Through A Time Machine To The 1920’s At The Candlelight Club, London

If you’ve read my post about How to find unique things to do in London then you will know that I get most of my ideas of what to get up to from the Design my night newsletter that is sent to me on a weekly basis.

So when I saw about a 1920’s themed night in a top secret location, I knew that I absolutely had to go!


All dressed up and sitting on the tube feeling a little bit silly and far too overdressed for the central line – Ros and I were still ridiculously excited to see what lay ahead; and as I stepped through the door into a garden area that led you round to the event, I couldn’t help but thinking I was literally walking into another world… another time era.


I won’t tell you where the location is and ruin all of the fun – but as I walked into the room, the jazz music, everyone dressed glitzy and glamorous, the bourbon based cocktails (gag), the performers and the candlelit room really made me feel like I had been transported to the roaring 20’s and away from the craziness that has broken out in 2016.


Different ticket options

Click here if you wanna treat yoself!

Standard ticket – £25.00

Dinner – £40.00

Small table – £65.00

Large Table – £135.00

I was given two complimentary standard tickets thanks to the very lovely Clayton who you will find running around behind his camera throughout the evening. If there are just two of you on a bit of a budget then this is the option that I would recommend, without a table booked you will get seated with other folks who you can get to know and will make the evening all the more special.

If there are groups of you then I would most definitely recommend forking out a little bit extra to guarantee all being able to sit together. The 20’s are all about splurging aren’t they?

The experience

I didn’t come across one unpleasant member of staff, which is nuts .. considering you normally do find one negative ninny who would rather be out and about with their pals on the weekend evenings rather than watching everyone else having fun at work. There seemed to be a real fun and friendly vibe between the staff and you could tell they actually all really enjoyed each others company and working together.

This goes on to make the evening more perfect.

With a speedy bar service, you will be contently sat in your seat with a cocktail in hand in no time at all.

With a huge mix of cabaret, Jazz music and all kinds of entertainment – ‘boredom’ is an unrecognizable word in the Candlelight club and ‘Authenticity’ is what it would vomit if it had one too many cocktails.

Before you know it, everyone is up on their feet Lindyhopping and jiving and the evening rushes by you faster than any night I can remember – which can only say good things about the event.

The Candlelight Club Through My Eyes










Lizzie’s Overall Ratings

Location – 10/10 for being a secret until just before

Staff – As mentioned before, I couldn’t fault them. So helpful, friendly and were genuinly as happy to be there as all the guests in attendance were

Value for money – Is it the cheapest night in the World? No. Will you regret the money you spend whilst you’re there? No. You get what you pay for, and in my opinion it is a once in a lifetime popup that is worth every penny.

Authenticity – Timeout London said it best – The dazzling, clandestine pop-up cocktail bar with a 1920’s speakeasy flavour in a secret den lit entirely by candles returns for an entire weekend. That’s not the only thing that’s sparkling: they’ll be live period jazz bands, period shellac spun by MC Fruity and themed cocktails on a ‘Resolutions Busters’ theme. It really is the closest thing you’ll find to an authentic Jazz Age experience.

Fabulousness – That might be the girliest thing I’ve ever said but I’m not even sorry! I felt the best I’ve ever felt about my appearance, with all the 1920’s gear on you can’t help but feel amazing. Please go and see Jack who is working in the cloakroom upstairs because he has insane skills at making you look incredible with your iPhone.


Note: This evening was a complimentary gift from The Candlelight Club but all opinions are my own so go and check them out!

5 responses to Stepping Through A Time Machine To The 1920’s At The Candlelight Club, London

  1. Emma Dodd says:

    Looks fab – I love the 20s and the idea that it’s a secret and lit entirely lit by candles adds to the whole vibe. Hope they launch something similar up north sometime.


  2. Angela Michelle Thibert says:

    SO COOL! I would go to clubs if they were all like that!


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