How To Actually Find Really Unique Things To Do In London

The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane – Stephen Fry.

If we’re being honest then London is a pretty bloody great City isn’t it? You can do something different every night of the week for a year and still not run out of new places to go and new things to do.

For a travel blogger I’m pretty bad at getting out and going to new places, even though I always say I will try somewhere new I end up sticking in my comfortable zone of the same places to go to with my friends. So every now and then I have to give myself a big old kick up the arse and force myself to find something new and fun to go to.

So without further adeu here are my not so secret ways to find some fun and quirky new things to do in London.



This isn’t exactly the biggest secret, but it is still one of my favourite websites to find new things to do.

I imagine the Timeout team to be some of the coolest people you’ve ever met who sit on a table together drinking overpriced coffee and discuss the latest kooky openings that they’re going to that week in a very Mean girls “you can’t sit with us” type way.

They really do know the good places to go and check out though and everyone has heard of Timeout so sometimes it’s worth checking the established stuff.

Design my night

Ever since I bought a ticket for an event through this website I’ve been signed up to a mailing list where I receive an email every week with the top events for that week. It’s the one mailing list that I actually don’t mind being on as it’s actually a super helpful email with anything from pop up restaurants and bars, to comedy, brunches, markets etc.

This is how I find a lot of the stuff I’m gonna try out in London like a 1920’s themed event at a secret venue that I’m going to next weekend.


There are some pretty great London Instagrammers who post about places that you’ve never been to before. Here are my faves.

Ed Snowdon

He’s got a keen eye for details that you’ve never noticed yourself. He’s a restaurant and bar hopping dude who works in kid’s TV and quite possibly swallows Timeout every morning.

A Lady in London

Her page just honestly makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life. It’s gorgeous and will remind you why London is one of the best cities in the entire world.

East London Mornings

I am probably one of the biggest haters of mornings. Especially in the winter months, so this account pops a big ol’ smile on my face and makes me feel like everythings okay.


Sometimes I like to just search ‘London’ on facebook and it fills my feed with all the latest things posted there. I don’t necessarily find ‘quirky’ events to head to and attend but I’ll quite often see pictures of new viewpoints that I’ve not experienced myself yet.


Bloggers, magazines etc are always getting invited to new openings and stuff. We really are quite in the know and if you have any writing ability and are able to send samples of your work then you could have a chance of getting in on them too.

The really well known ones will have more invitations then they can physically attend themself and so are always looking for help and people who may be able to attend and write about it for them!

Facebook groups

Groups like Girls Love Travel and Travel Addiction have hundreds of thousands of members and so are always being posted in about new places. It’s worth joining them and searching them specifically for posts on London or asking in the group for people to hit you with their best off the grid places to visit.


Again, this is hardly a secret.

But Buzzfeed seems to be absolutely obsessed with London and write about it frequently, which is no surprise as they have an office there. You can search it for posts specifically about London and you will find anything from the best gin bars, to where to go to spend a night at a Harry Potter themed hotel!

How do you find things to get up to in London that wouldn’t be in a Lonely Planet book?

2 responses to How To Actually Find Really Unique Things To Do In London

  1. Kelly Hogan says:

    We recommend The Nudge. There’s a fee to join, but you can get emails for free and they always know the best pop-ups and new openings. That’s how we get all of our information 🙂


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