My Step By Step Guide To Taking Care Of Your Skin Whilst Travelling

Now that I’m slap bang in the middle of my 20’s and well passed the awkward adolescent dodgy skin phase, my skin has suddenly decided to hit it’s rebellious phase and break out on me left, right and centre.

For anyone that understands the perils of adult acne – I am so very sorry that you understand my pain.

In addition to the breakouts I’ve managed to obtain eczma on my elbows, chin and even my scalp… What the absolute shit skin?!

I promise I’m not completely gross though and people don’t shudder everytime they touch me because luckily my breakouts are few and far between and completely manageable.

I have noticed though that I tend to break out far more when I travel so I thought I would share with you my recipe for whipping your skin back into shape when it wants to do nothing but run wild and ruin your life because you’re jumping on and off of planes.

Step 1: Slather on that moisturiser girl!


Moisturiser can be pretty expensive and it’s an absolute bummer when you’ve forked out on one to find that it doesn’t work with your skin, so trial and error different testers before you commit to one. Most makeup and skincare places will be more than happy to send you packing with a bagful of samples to try as they’re aware that different moisuterisers work for different skin types.

My recommendations:

I use the Vitamin D range from the body shop as I find it hydrating, cost effective as a little bit tends to go a long way and I’ve also always been a big fan of the body shop.

I’m also a big fan of Benefit’s Total Moisure cream before I go to bed, but can’t use it when I’m having flare ups as it can be harsh on sensitive skin.

I also love the Balance Me moisturiser – but this is something that I will use once a week as it is quite rich on your skin.

Pre flight:

Before getting a flight I will leave the makeup off and use a ‘night cream’ even if it is morning or during the day. I’m not saying this is scientifically proven or anything, but it certainly does the trick for me.

The extra thick coverage helps to keep my skin hydrated when I’m up in the air. I will also keep a small tester pot worth of the cream in my hand luggage to reapply if necessary.

Step 2: Go crazy and slap on yo SPF before you’ve even landed!


Depending on the time of day that you’re getting your flight, you could have direct, harsh rays of sun coming at you from your flight.

You’re a lot higher up and a lot closer to the sun and so it doesn’t hurt to put on something with a little spf with it. Try a moisturer that also has an spf 15 in it, and if you really have to wear foundation then wear one with an spf 15.

You’ll be amazed by how much difference that small thing can make and your skin will thank you later.

Step 3: Go bare or go home!


I know you want to step off the plane feeling red carpet ready and all that – we all do. But trust me, you will feel 1000% better if you leave the war paint off until you get there.

If you’re meeting someone that you need to look your best for on the other side then you can take a quick dash into the bathroom in arrivals and give yourself a little makeover before you even head out.

Your skin is already suffering from the low humidity in the cabin, hold it’s hand and help it through this by leaving the makeup off whilst it’s already suffering.

Step 4: Hydrate!


If you’re feeling stingy then take your own empty water bottle and get one of the restaurants or bars to fill it up with water once you’ve got through security!

Step 5: Make a bathroom pitstop!


Trust me, it’s worth it!

Splash your face and get some of that thick moisturiser off. While it was necessary on the plane, don’t go walking round with your makeshift invisible facepack all day.

Do your makeup.

Brush your hair.

Spray some rehydration mist on your face.

Get your suncream on before you walk out into the rays.

Don’t worry about people judging you, everything you’re going to do has been done in those bathrooms including people brushing their teeth after a long haul, which by the way you should also do too if your flight is a long one!

Step 6: Scrub a dub dub!


If it’s possible then spend a little bit of time the night after you’ve landed having a wee scrub at your face. Use a light exfoliator or facepack as your skin is already feeling delicate so you don’t want to go overboard, but it’s a good idea to remove surface dry skin cells that have developed on your skin.

Goodbye old skin, hello new holiday skin!

Step 7: Get to know a good facial wash!


I personally like a good tea tree to fight off adult acne before it rears it’s ugly head.

I also like the Vitamin C and Aloe Vera facial washes from the body shop.

But again, get a load of testers and try them all out before investing in the one you like.

Using a good facial wash everyday whilst away is a great way to stop your skin from getting angry with you about going away somewhere.

Step 8: Always wear suncream


I don’t need to explain this to you right?

Step 9: Moderation!


If your trip is short then obviously go as wild as you damn please sister. But if you’re there for a while then try and take it easy and don’t forget to try and catch as many Z’s as you would at home. I know it can be difficult but attempt to maintain as balanced a diet as you would at home.

Your skin is already facing the de-hydration that comes from a flight, new water, sun and a constant go go go. If you run down your body too much then your skin is going to punish you with almighty breakouts and dry-up’s!

Is there anything else you do to keep your skin happy whilst you’re away? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

2 responses to My Step By Step Guide To Taking Care Of Your Skin Whilst Travelling

  1. Loved this post, and the GIF’s haha! I find my skin breaks out no matter what I try while travelling. The new water just doesn’t agree with me at all! But life goes on.. 🙂


  2. Eva says:

    I soooo sooo well know your pain. The first few days while traveling my skin drives me crazy. Keeping hydrated helps and bringing enough of my skin care products from home or buying the same ones there. I once made the mistake to buy a travel-sized container of something I had never used before and it almost ruined my first week.


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