Autumn In Europe: My Top 11 Places To Explore This Season!

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite season is, I always say Spring as it’s vibrant, it’s hopeful and it’s the start to a really great couple of months. But if we’re being honest, Autumn is my absolute guilty pleasure.

Talking about it with new people is similar to when I talk about trashy TV with new people that I want to impress… I’ll turn my nose up slightly and pretend that I don’t really care for it because I want to seem like I’m all about that sun and pretty flowers life, but then I go home and wrap that necessary and glorious blanket around me, wrap my hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate and put on my oversized checked shirt and I’m suddenly in my element.

I can’t say I’m the happiest girl in the World that Summer is pretty much behind us, but I am looking forward to the smooth transition to Winter where we get to play in Autumn for a little while. 

So without further ado… I give you my top places to visit in Europe to make the most of this Autumn!

Dublin, Ireland


I don’t know about you but I can’t think of much I want more at the end of the day during the Autumn months than a stiff drink, and where is better to go for that than the home of both Guinness and Jameson’s Whiskey?!

Get your butt to Temple Bar for a boogie and to get your face painted and make sure you leave enough time to go for a stroll around Phoenix Park which is one of the biggest walled parks in all of Europe… I bet it’s just darling when all the leaves have crisped and fallen!

Oxford, England


We may have voted to leave the EU, and no, I’m not ready to talk about it yet… but Geographically we are still a part of Europe so I’m still going to include Oxford in this post and you can’t stop me.

Oxford is without a doubt one of my favourite day trips to go on from London. It’s so pretty and quaint that you feel like you’ve stepped right into a book written by one of the Bronte sisters. I can’t think of a nicer place in England to don your newly, slightly overpriced coat, some great boots and a Costa Coffee filled with sugary, syrupy goodness!

Potes, Spain


Potes is a ridiculously underrated town in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria. It is easily one of the prettiest places that I visited during my time living in Spain, and it definitely helped that they play host to a shot Festival which I got to go to in November.

What are you waiting for? Go, go go!

Fes, Morocco


To go to Fes out of season is to receive luxury for little to nothing.

Wrap up warm, hire a driver to take you to to Middle Atlas for a day of exploring the Mountains when they’re cold and quite possibly frosty and beautiful before heading back to your luxurious hotel to binge on Tagine and hot mint tea.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is somewhere that I would recommend on visiting at any time of year as it’s absolutely magical… just look at it above! Wrap up in oversized scarfs, walk to all the viewpoints, mooch around the incredible library and give your friends back from the ultimate #Travelenvy with your cute Autumn Instagram’s of Prague.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is an awesome place to visit in Autumn. It’s not as packed with tourists so you can wander around a lot easier and not have to worry about a million and seven strangers photobombing your pictures. It’s filled with coffee shops, both with naughty cigarettes as my Mum would say and without so it’s easy to stop off and warm up before continuing your sightseeing escapades.

The nicest thing about visiting Amsterdam in the Autumn months is that there is no push on adventuring everywhere and seeing everything, the City just wants you to chill out and go at your own pace and see as little or as much as you want to.

London, England 

Visit us out of season and we’re a whoooooole lot cheaper!

The parks are the cutest, you can get some fun, moody shots by the river and the pubs are the absolute cosiest. Did someone say mulled wine and a fireplace? YAAAAAAS!

Pembrokeshire, Wales

I can’t really choose a specific place for you to visit as the whole coast is absolutely gorgeous.

Take a good waterproof coat because it will most likely rain on you. You won’t mind though because you’ll be too distracted by looking out at how gorgeous everything is and enjoying a hot toddy in one of the beach pubs by the fire.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If the months are turning cold anyway, why not head over to somewhere slightly colder in temperature but so much more gorgeous in appearance? Iceland is still by far my absolute favourite Country that I’ve been to in Europe so far and is well worth the silly temperatures to visit somewhere so unlike anywhere you would have been before.

Oslo, Norway

From one Nordic Country to another, head over to cold, crispy and wildly picturesque Oslo for the perfect Autumn weekend break.

You can pick up flights for as little as £30 return from London and save your pennies by staying in one of the many Airbnb’s.

Lake Scanno, Italy


Lake Scanno can be found in the region of Abruzzo just outside of Rome and is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to do a road trip around Abruzzo during Autumn and stop off in the evenings to warm up with carbs and a bottle of red and I think you should too!


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