10 Situations That Will Make Any Traveller Want To Scream “Why Though?!”


As told with Gifs and rage…

1. When an airline has tons of early morning flights and only 2 check in desks open.


2. When someone in your dorm room in your Hostel gets up at ridiculous O’clock for their flight and hasn’t packed the night before and so ensues the never ending rustling of plastic bags.


3. You get chatting to the standard travel boaster wanker when you’re a couple of drinks deep and really not in the mood to hear about how there is not even one single person in the whole World who is more traveled than they are.


4. You hear the most dreaded words you’ve ever heard in your entire life that no amount of planning could ever have prepared you for…

“We don’t have Wifi…”


5. The plane lands and people all around you start to clap.


6. When you realise that the World is a cruel place because sometimes you get ripped off for being a tourist.


7. Your ex see’s all your great travel pics flooding their news feed which were totally taken on the first try and messages you saying “I miss you…”


8. When someone congratulates you on your trust fund, rich parents or sugar daddy funding your trips when you work your ass off to travel.

giphy (1)

9. When someone reminds you about that film “Hostel” when you tell them you’re staying in a Hostel.


10. People at home think your travelling thing is really “cute” and wonder when you’re going to grow up and settle down.


What are the most irritating things that have happened or been said to you whilst you’re travelling?


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