5 European Cities That You Should Visit Again And Again And Again…

One thing that I’ve realised is that I am one of the most easily pleased people in the entire world. My friend Ros and I laugh at how every time we go away together we completely fall in love with the place that we’re in and wish we could move there. I love the fact that I have the ability to fall in love with a place so easily as I not only enjoy the place as I tourist, I enjoy it in a way that I can only imagine newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon – with awe, butterflies, rose tinted glasses, and a fuzzy, happy haze.

Although I love this, and I really do – I also wish that I wouldn’t fall in love with everywhere so easily sometimes, as the world is such a huge, amazing place that there is so much left for me to go and see. But it’s difficult to keep booking new flights when your heart pines to return to the places that you can’t stop thinking about.

So because of this, here is my top 5 European cities that are worth you visiting as much as you possibly can.

1. Madrid


After living in Madrid for a year it is most definitely my favourite City in Europe. It’s racy, unattainable and constantly chucks you curve balls. You can never get bored with a City like Madrid as it would never let you. Much like London, no two days would ever be the same if you didn’t want them to be as there is so much to see and do.

Whatever scene you’re into, you can find a billion places in Madrid that cater to it, whatever food you want to eat you can find somewhere that you can go and stuff your face with it. Cinema’s show films in their original version so you don’t have to miss out on box office hits if you can only understand movies in English. Nights out are everlasting, and day times in one of the many parks are perfection.

Fashionistas are everywhere, so you can shop for weeks on end if you wanted to, no matter how long you’ve lived there or how many times you’ve visited, you will never run out of tourist attractions to go and visit. You can even go and find your own private solace at the Templo de Debod if you need some time to reflect on your own, because that’s what everyone else is doing up there too.

2. Prague

viewpoint 2

Prague is one of the most magical cities I’ve ever been to. You know every once in a while you meet someone who is both incredibly attractive & super nice too, and you’re like “oh shit, I’ve struck gold” – Prague is the City version of experiencing that.

You can run around the City without the worry that you’re punching above your weight. It wants to eat Goulash and drink it’s body weight in beer with you before taking a wander around to experience the city in the dark without as many tourists.

It wants to be your first and last love, but is patient enough to let you go and experience things in between too without becoming jealous or nervous that you’ll never come back to it, because it knows that you always will.

3. Florence


Florence completely blew me away when I first visited. I had no idea what to really expect from it, just that I wanted to go whilst I was living in Italy. But there I was, in the comforting heat, listening to street music and staring up at the Duomo. Part of my mind was thinking about how majestic everything was and how much I wanted to move here, and the other part was just thinking about what kind of pasta I wanted to eat at lunch,

I couldn’t ever imagine getting bored of Florence. It completely sucks you in and is one of the most inviting places I’ve ever been to, with the friendliest locals. Sure, you need to check out the prices of a place in major tourist spots before sitting down or you could end up paying over the odds, but that is the same in any city that you go to.

Florence wants you to visit again and again to fall in love with art and music. Not the art and music that you know, in galleries and on the radio, but in the street back where I suppose it all began.

4. Budapest

castle hill 6

Budapest was far bigger than I thought it was going to be, and for that, you need more than just the one visit to see it all. I was busy being touristy for 3 days and I didn’t feel it was nearly long enough… I didn’t even scratch the surface.

That’s okay though, I did see absolute tons, and it’s the kind of city that you shouldn’t be constantly running around in trying to see everything in a militant like fashion. You should enjoy the nights out in the ruin bars, with a late start to the day because you stayed out far later than you thought you would. You should have long lunches eating goulash or langosch the way that the locals do. You should sit in busy places and watch the world go by and the tourists doing their thing.

You also want to be able to put a day aside to go and enjoy the baths. Visit Budapest often, enjoy it and see little bits at a time. Let’s face it, you will probably never see everything.

5. Reykjavik


I can’t imagine a time that I ever don’t want to visit Reykjavik. It still blows my mind that Iceland is right on my doorstep and yet is so different to anything I’ve grown up knowing and seeing in England.

In my opinion, just the once is not enough times to go and see the most beautiful place in the entire world in my opinion, with the waterfalls, the geysirs, the blue lagoon, the Northern lights. You should especially go as many times as you can this year as scientists say that the Northern lights are about to dim, so aim to see them as many times as you can before you can’t see them as brightly as they currently are ever again.

So these are my top 5 European cities that I think it’s worth going to again and again, what are yours? Tell me in the comments below!




5 responses to 5 European Cities That You Should Visit Again And Again And Again…

  1. fotoeins says:

    Thanks for the reminder about how fantastic MAD, PRG, and BUD are; my favourite is definitely Praha. I have not yet set foot in either Florence or Reykjavik. So much Europe, so little time. 🙂


  2. i read this thinking i surely must have been to one on the list… nope…. perhaps i should have explored europe a bit more before leaving england and moving to canada!!


  3. lily says:

    2 down 3 to go in the next few months! this makes me even more excited to be in Europe!!


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