Valencia Bucket List

In 2013 I spent a month living and working in Valencia. I don’t really know why I haven’t written a proper itinerary for the City yet; but I suppose when you live somewhere you skip all the touristy stuff and end up going to the same places.

I adore Valencia, I really do, but it’s a place that I definitely preferred to live in rather than be a tourist in, so I thought I would comprise a bucket list of all the ways you can enjoy Valencia to it’s full potential.


1. La Tomatina

It makes me sad that I haven’t actually been to this myself yet, but some day I will. La Tomatina is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a festival where you just get to pelt tomatoes at people and be covered in them yourself. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you then we shouldn’t be friends because I don’t need that kind of negativity and sensibleness in my life…

2. Paella

Any, lots and all of it. If there is one thing that Valencia knows how to do really well then it’s paella. Sitting in a plaza listening to street music whilst you dine on paella and red wine is the closest place to heaven I’ve ever been.

3. Become the King or Queen of the tram that you were always born to be

CONFESSION TIME: I have an obsession with trams. I love them. I want to ride as many different ones to as many different places as I possibly can. The grand old mix between bus and train, like, are you kidding me?!

The trams in Valencia though were my absolute favourite and my poor friends have had to listen to me raving about them many times. They are air conditioned, smooth, fast, roomy and stop everywhere you want them to. They come regularly and on time & they have leather seats so they’re super clean and hygienic.

Anywho, my absolute favourite thing about them is the back which we used to call the VIP section. It’s rounded and shaped like a hot tub and super fun to ride up and down on with Prosecco for no reason whatsoever.

Good god, that was a lot about the trams wasn’t it?!

4. Las Fallas

Every March Valencia prepares to welcome the Spring by burning everything bad so that it can be born again in the next season. This is arguably one of the most popular tourist attractions and is definitely worth penning onto your bucket list.

5. Live music and paella

This is about as Valenciano as you can get so make sure that you make time to combine number 2 with live music for the perfect pairing.


6. Dance the night away in one of the massive clubs with huge outdoor areas

I spent many a night doing this, and many a day suffering for it the next day. But it was always totally worth it, and your hangover is always better when there is miles worth of beaches to go and suffer it on.

7. Watch the sunset on the beach and then stick around until it rises again

I’m not going to lie to you, this is exhausting. Like, more than exhausting but definitely worth it. Pre-drink on the beach, and then the clubs along there will keep you entertained until you head back to the beach with all the other club-goers to watch the sunrise.

This was always my favourite thing to do if I’d been clubbing along the beach, right before the bitter reality of the fact that it’s daytime and you haven’t slept yet. Ugh, that’s always a tough feeling, more so the older I get.

8. Go to Rototom

For chilled out reggae vibes, a fun festival, massages, being able to chill out in hammocks – this is the perfect place for you, and super close to Valencia. It’s running from 13th – 20th August this year!

9. Climb El Miguelete

I’m an absolute sucker for a good view, and the views from the tower of the cathedral in the city center of Valencia are absolutely no exception.

10. Visit the Bioparc

Just check out this amazing photo from my incredibly talented friend Claire. You can check out her website to see more from her here!


11. Learn some Valenciano

If you really want to make like a Valencian then pick up a bit of their lingo which is completely unique to just them. I love many different languages there are within Spain, sure it makes things pretty confusing but it’s amazing to hear all of the dialects.

12. Wander through the Garden of the Turia

Valencia has tons of green spaces, but this one in particular is pretty special. What was once a river is now a long park that’s absolutely soaked in history.

13. Try Agua de Valencia

This drink is like your most troublesome friend that can always lead you astray. It’s mis-leading and you only have to have a couple before you really start feeling it and start making bad life decisions, so go easy and maybe only have the one to try it.


There are loads of tracks randomly dotted around Valencia and it’s a great, super cheap way to spend the afternoon. You can do a couple of laps and channel your inner Top Gun whilst you make the rest of the track eat your dust.

15. Picnic as much as you can

I love Valencia, but it’s not the cheapest of places food wise. So make the most of the good weather, the great wine, all the great green spots and your friends by indulging in ALL the picnics.


16. Pop by Plaza de la Virgen

Sit by the Fountain with a good book and let the hours slip by. If you’re lucky then you will even see a wedding party coming out of the Church for pictures!

17. Grab a corn on the cob from the beach

Maybe I’ll just make this post full of reasons to get your butt down to the beach,  not that I need to. There are tons of people making yummy flavoured corn on the cob along the beach, it’s cheap, tasty and super healthy.

18. Head to Ruzafa

This is arguably the most popular district in Valencia. Get stuck into eating, the nightlife and the market. It’s a super laid-back neighbourhood where the bohemian essence attracts people from all walks of life.

19. Instagram the shit out of the street art

Valencia is absolutely covered in graffiti and street art. Do your research before you head there to decide what you definitely want to head to and see in person so that you don’t miss out on any snaps that you want to take.

20. L’Oceanografic

This is my absolute favourite aquarium that I’ve ever been to and is worth every penny.


21. Treat yourself to food at the panorama restaurant

Super fancy!

22. Visit La Lonja de la seda

This is one of the oldest buildings in Valencia and one of the biggest tourist attractions to date.

23. Act all regal at the Torres de Serrano

Ever since their construction in the 14th Century, they have been considered the main entrance into the City. This is the main gate that the royal processions of royal kings would enter.

24. Visit the vertical restaurant

As you can imagine from the name, this is a pretty unique dining experience and is definitely worth the visit.

25. Go to Plaza redonda after work

During the day this place is great with loads of authentic hand crafts for sale, you’re always able to pick up something unique. But this place is my favourite at night, as there is hardly anyone around leaving you able to enjoy one of the few blissful silences of Valencia.




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