I Love You Morocco, But…

Dear Morocco,

I arrived in you the day before yesterday, and I’ve got to be honest with you, you’ve completely and utterly blown me away with how beautiful you are. You know that you do this to people though. You have no need to be modest about the way you look as you’ve been having tourists falling at your feet from the minute they step off the plane for as long as you can remember.

I have fallen in deep lust with the Riyad of my Hotel that makes me feel like a Moroccan Princess when it keeps me company as I drink my mint tea. I fell in love today with Atlas Mountain when it invited me up to High five Monkeys and then showed me all there was to be seen, leaving nothing to the imagination, like only a lover would.

Morocco I’ve seen you in the Sun and I’ve seen you in the Rain, and you’re still just as majestic in either temperament. I accept you as you are, however you want to be that day. But you’ve got to listen to me Morocco, there is one thing letting you down. One thing that I’m struggling to deal with here.

I know that nobody is perfect and that every relationship has its faults, but I think that this one is just too big to accept and live with. I’m telling you this now because I care for you, but I can’t live this way, just sweeping a major problem under the rug and pretending like it’s nothing.

YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP WITH THE CATCALLING MOROCCO! It’s too much. No woman wants to feel grabbed at and shouted at and leered at around every corner she takes. She doesn’t want to feel like this isn’t a place that she would travel solo as it’s uncomfortable and kinda creepy. It’s the one thing that is letting you down and you’ve got to cut it the hell out.

It’s difficult to know that I’m falling in love with you but that I couldn’t be with you long term. I don’t mean to be cruel but it’s not me Morocco, it’s you.

Maybe we’ll work out some day…


19 responses to I Love You Morocco, But…

  1. Moritz says:

    This behavior of some people is really inacceptable. That’s especially sad in an amazing country like Morocco. I hope there will be change some time soon!


  2. Renata says:

    I don´t know how old you are but it is a well-known, classical behaviour of men in many (especially Arabian) countries of the world. I had the same experience in Tunisia, Egypt but also in Turkey, India… and even in Europe. When I was young and walked alone in Paris and Rome – French and Italian men disturbed me a lot.
    If you don´t like it go to the Czech Republic or Germany. Here you can walk everywhere and nobody will look at you :-).


  3. I, sadly, had the same experience as you when it comes to this problem when I visited Tunisa more than 20 years ago. I was 16 at the time and of course I didn’t go alone. My father had his hand full with a wife and two doughters. It’s tiering after a few days….


  4. Joe says:

    It sucks, I agree. There are many warm and friendly Moroccan people, but sadly they can often be lost in the shuffle of the cat callers and aggressive scammers/touts. Such a shame…I hope you do get a swing toward more positive experiences sooner rather than later.


  5. Every culture has its shadows we find it hard to accept. I have yet to make it to Morocco tho, but it is true that there are things that I know in advance I’ll never appreciate.


  6. Kaley says:

    Morocco is at the top of my “top travel” list, but the catcalling definitely makes me hesitant. Every country has their ups and downs, though! in Vietnam and Cambodia the constantly pressure from shop owners to come into their shops was almost too much for me!


  7. I feel the same way in Latin America. So much to love, beautiful places, lovely people… But the cat-calling! Puts a dark twist on everything, unfortunately. 😦


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