Why I Always Prefer To Stay In A Hostel Over A Hotel

I’m a huge, huge fan of a Hostel. I’ve mentioned Hostels in pretty much every post that I’ve written on here, probably. Even if I find a great price for a Hotel or separate accommodation I prefer to stay in Hostels a lot of the time, here are a load of the reasons why…


On the whole, Hostels are a fraction of the price that Hotels would normally set you back, especially if you’re flying solo. I’ve spent £3 for a bed in one place, and I think the most I’ve spent on a bed in a Hostel was about £25, but that was for a bed in a private room, which will always set you back a bit more anyway.


I bloody love a Hostel socialise. When booking my bed for the night, I always try and find a Hostel that also plays host to a bar, as nothing makes strangers friends quicker than a couple of drinking games and a few bad life decisions thrown in for good measure.

In addition to making friends to hang with in the City you’re in, you also make cool friends that you can go and crash with when you find yourself in their neck of the woods, so technically by booking a Hostel, present you is helping out future you, and that’s a really nice thing when you think about it.

What’s for breakfast?

When I’m on a trip, finding great places to go for lunch and dinner is always a pleasure, but I can never ever be bothered to go and nip out somewhere for breakfast, or nip across to the Supermarket to grab something quick either. The nice thing about a lot of Hostels is that breakfast comes at no additional cost, whereas Hotels would up the bill by a fair amount for that luxury at times.

Sheer, inexplicable randomness.

When I stayed in Prague a few months ago, my friend and I stayed in Hostel Ananas where we were met with the best dorm room in the entire World. The first night lay tribute to a Finnish guy singing to us all in Finnish while we all took it in turns to tell each other weird stories.

The rest of the time led us all through hanging out, getting drunk, playing constant games and coming together as strangers who were suddenly the bestest friends and shittest band known to man. I hate missing out on the possibility of things like this happening by staying in a Hotel rather than a Hostel.

Affordable bars.

Like I said before, I rarely book a Hostel that doesn’t contain a bar, as I really like the common area where travellers come together and get merry. A Hostel bar is actually an affordable place to drink that often offers lots of great deals and happy hours for frugal tourists, whereas a Hotel bar is normally something that you avoid unless it is absolutely desperate measures because the prices are normally extremely unreasonable.

A bonus about making friends and drinking in the Hostel bar is that you guys don’t have to worry about getting home after or paying for taxis, as you already are home. #Safetywin

Get out of your comfort zone.

There is nothing I like more after a long flight than locking myself away with a good book and having a bit of a time out, a Hotel would always be perfect for that on my first night in a new place, but then I’ve come away to a new place to lock myself away and not do anything? Nah.

Staying in a Hostel means that I meet a load of people who are psyched that I’ve joined them and that it’s my first night, so they will find a way to get me out of my comfort zone one way or another. Even if it’s just by going out and grabbing something tasty to eat, it’s nice to have a little kick when I’m feeling lethargic, to not give into the feeling.

The stories.

My stories to people often start with “this one time when I was drunk”, or “this one time that I was staying in a Hostel”. You will leave with the most stories ever to go and tell your friends and family.

Check out Hostelworld to book your nights stay!

What are your thoughts on Hostels? Do you also prefer to stay in them over Hotels? Which are your favourite? Tell me in the comments…

10 responses to Why I Always Prefer To Stay In A Hostel Over A Hotel

  1. Chantell says:

    Great tips! I would always stay in a hostel unless I could find a better priced option (I travel with my boyfriend so sometimes it is cheaper to stay in an Air BnB or a budget hotel depending on the country). Hostels have such a great atmosphere and you can meet so many fun people 🙂


  2. jusztravel says:

    I’ve never tried a hostel! Still in my bucket list! I’m just not a fan of sharing a bathroom and having too many people in one room. 😦 I want my peace and quiet when resting. And I’m always worried about people stealing from me 😦


  3. Katie says:

    I agree that hostels are perfect if you are travelling on your own – ready made night life and new friends to be made! A friend of mine also met her boyfriend in a hostel in Praque 🙂

    ps Juztravel – you usually have a locker to keep valuables safe and there is always the private room option if you need more privacy



  4. Amandas_Wanderlust says:

    Great post. I used to agree but now I’ve hit 40 I must admit I prefer a hotel 🙂 (sigh, feeling old…)


  5. Kole Obasa says:

    Use to relish living in hostels on my travels when I was in University but somehow age caught up with me. I still think about the ‘adventures’ though.


  6. Kongo Mum says:

    That was me before I had a baby. It was so convenient like you said, and you make cool friends too!! Now, with the little one, I can’t see ourselves staying in (youth) hostels. I might consider family (ones) if there are any out there :)…


  7. My husband and I don’t typically stay in hostels, but since we are going to start traveling long-term we are going to start. You should put together a list of some of your favorite hostels!


  8. Roamy says:

    a 3 $ hostel, wow, in a way it sounds like real saving l have never found a hostel so cheap but then l think l will feel uncomfortable if the price was so cheap.


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