My 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts Of 2015

Guys, this is a really difficult thing for me to come out and admit, and I hope you don’t judge me too much for it, think any less of me or decide that you want me out of your lives and off of your computer screen for good. But, I just had to admit it somewhere, I had to finally tell someone. I’m just gonna rip off the bandage and come right out with it, hopefully it will be okay after I’ve done so…ย I HAVE AN ADDICTION! That addiction is Instagram. I think about Instagram as soon as I wake up, it’s the last thought that I have before I go to sleep and I think about it whenever I have a couple of minutes free throughout the day too.

Now that I’ve got that hideous, difficult confession out of the way we can move on with the post. In the spirit of my addiction to Instagram I thought I would give you a complete roundup in no particular order of my top ten popular posts throughout this year.

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Location: Welwyn Garden City


I took this picture on my way home from a pretty crappy day from the office. Sometimes a beautiful sunset is the only thing you need to give you a good old shake and sort your head out!

Location: Australia

josies australia

I didn’t actually take this image, but my wonderful, talented friend Josie did. You can find her her Instagram profileย Six Year Gap Year, and I think you will become just as obsessed with her account as I was.

I saw this picture, couldn’t stop looking at it and so asked for her permission to post it on my profile too. I’m stoked that you guys loved it as much as I did, which put it in my top ten most popular postings!

Location: Prague


When I was casually strolling through Prague I came across this epic brawl between police and rebels. Okay, I lied, I came across a film set — but the setup did make for a pretty great picture.

Location: Abruzzo


One of my favourite things about Italy, besides the incredible food is that the houses in so many of the small towns look like they’ve been placed there by complete accident. This picture managed to capture exactly that and leave my heart pining to go back to Italy.

Location: Reykjavik


Gullfoss is called ‘Golden Falls’, as on a sunny day the water that plunges down looks truly golden. I got to go and see Gullfoss as part of the Golden Circle tour during my visit to Iceland, which also included the Geysirs and Thingvellir National Park.

For a day filled with looking at absolutely everything you see thinking ‘holy shit, that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’, followed by thinking exactly the same 2 seconds later when you see something else, definitely include the Golden Circle tour in your Iceland itinerary!

Location: Cornwall


This isn’t exactly the most #Travelstoke image I’ve ever taken, but I’m happy that people like the simplicity of wine and the sea as much as I do!

Location: Barcelona


I was standardly people creeping when a random stranger decided to make my picture look awesome by walking right into the Sunset.

Location: Sharm El Sheikh


One of my favourite ever experiences was quad biking through the desert watching the sunset. I couldn’t be any more excited to go to a different desert in Morocco in January.

Location: Madrid


This is my absolute favourite place in the World, the Templo De Debod in Madrid. It’s the place that I would go to when I was living in the busy City that always had different things going on, when I was looking for peace and quiet and for a sense of solace. It’s surreal to watch the Sunset over the temple as you listen to strums from a nearby guitar.

Location: Potes


Potes is a hidden gem in the North of Spain that could be lifted right out of the pages of a fairytale. Get a car and do a little road trip of the North of Spain in the November months and you could be part of a shot festival in Potes, where the tiny town becomes filled with a mix of Spanish and tourists. It’s definitely one for your Spanish bucket list!

How’s your year on Instagram gone? Are you as addicted as I am? #Fromeuropeandbeyond for me to be able to check out all your images which can fill me with even more #Travelstoke in 2016!

9 responses to My 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts Of 2015

  1. shesatripblog says:

    This is great! What a year you’ve had. I really like this idea, as well. Mind if I make a similar post? I’ll be sure to send people your way.


    • Of course I don’t! I’m so glad you liked it, make sure you send me the link so I can see your amazing Instagram year ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I couldn’t agree more. Instagram is definitely the most addictive social platform! But I just can’t help myself with all this travel inspiration and visual beauty. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. sophienadeau says:

    I love the Cornwall picture (I’m from Devon)… and sometimes there’s nothing nicer than enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sea ๐Ÿ™‚


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