European Boozy Holidays For Grownups


All of my itineraries and City reviews normally involve a lot of boozing whilst I’ve been away, so here is a complete round up of my favourite European Cities for adults to party in, because we really shouldn’t be indulging in Malia antics…


castle hill 6

It’s full of party Hostels like the Red Fox where I stayed or the more talked about  Carpe Noctem that people can’t seem to get enough of. It’s a ridiculously cheap night out that your bank balance won’t condemn you for the next day and it’s full of ruin bars, which may well be my favourite thing in the whole entire world.


viewpoint 3

A short distance from Budapest is the incredibly majestic Prague, which has won my heart as my favouritist European City (sorry Madrid!) Prague is another place in Europe that is incredibly kind to your bank balance and is filled with fun places to go out and beautiful things to go and look at. Stay in Hostel Ananas for a relatively new Hostel that is cheap and fun to stay in, and also allows you to get a pretty good nights kip is you want to take a break from the booze cruise.

Make sure you check out Harleys bar for rock music, table dancing and a general “wait, what happened?!” kind of night!


park guell8

I wouldn’t recommend taking your bank card out as Barcelona is definitely veering on the pricier side of the scale of European nights out, but I would recommend grabbing your group of mates and booking a flight here immediately. What is such a beautiful City by day fully transforms into a party fans dream in the evenings. For nights that don’t end until well into the next morning you definitely won’t be leaving here disappointed.

Check out Kabul Backpackers Hostel for a place to stay surrounded by other tourists up for a good time.



Madrid was my home for a while, and the first place that I travelled to on my own, so of course I would always recommend a visit to the City that I fell in love with travel in. My favourite thing about Madrid nightlife isn’t the clubs, but are the Botellons, which is basically drinking on the street.

When we did this in England, we were probably 14 and in a park, and it is all a bunch of terrible memories. But in Madrid, they really have this art nailed. It can be anywhere from one of their beautiful parks to one of the squares, there is usually someone with a guitar playing music, and everyone drinks there and chats until the early hours of the morning until you move on to a club. It’s a great way to save money and to actually get to talk to people.

Check out Cats Hostel for a bed and make sure you make time to head to my favourite bar, Malaspina near Sol for cheap wine and tapas!



Rome was always going to make the list after I spent nearly every weekend going there for about 6 months when I was living in Abruzzo. Stay at The Yellow to be in with the most popular party hostel in Rome. Be warned though, you will probably barely leave the Hostel as you will spend your evenings partying in the Hostel bar and club, and your days playing beer pong. If you do find that you get to leave then check out Circolo Degli Artisti which was my favourite club in Rome, for an awesome warehouse like feel inside and an amazing garden that seems to go on forever and ever.



Naples was my favourite and biggest surprise during my time in Italy, I really didn’t know what to expect from the City but oh boy, am I glad that I went! The streets are constantly filled with people having drinks in the evening and there is something new and exciting around every corner.

Stay at Hostel of the sun for a chance to see one of my favourite ever Hostels, and make sure that you head down to Sorbillo for the best pizza in the entire world to help cure your hangover.


photo 4

The Irish don’t have their drinking reputation for nothing. I had the bestest, most fun week in Dublin when I went last year… I think it’s definitely time for me to visit again soon if there are any takers?

It’s pretty pricey, so don’t go expecting to come back with loads of money… and that’s coming from a Londoner. Make sure you head to The Hacienda which is still my favourite pub that I’ve ever been to after only the one visit.

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