10 Trips Every Girl Should Take With Her Best Friends

Music Festivals


Ever since I was 15 and started attending gigs, I was completely and utterly obsessed with the idea of Music Festivals, which is probably why I attended Reading Festival for the first time that Summer.

Every girl should experience attending a Music Festival with a bunch of her best friends, where you can swap baby wipes when one of you gets a little too covered in mud. And what can a girl cover herself in more than mud at a Music Festival? GLITTER!

 Check out Bestival, which has been my favourite one I’ve attended in the UK so far!


dressing gowns

Okay, so this picture wasn’t actually taken during a staycation, but a staycation should have the same effect. Dressing gowns and not really giving a damn with your best friend, having the cosiest and easiest weekend known to man.

Have a little hunt on Groupon for a cheeky Spa deal, there are some great ones available in the UK!

The most perfect trip known to man

me and josie

No matter what trip you and your best friends decide to take, there should definitely be some that couldn’t be anymore perfect then they are. You have a good mix of everything, everything should always fall into place and require zero effort. You fall into wanting to do the same things and talk to the same people, weird things happen to you and you genuinely consider jacking everything else off and staying away with them forever.

You can find a job doing something in the Czech Republic, right?

 City Breaks

park guell8

I was going to put another selfie here of me and my friend that I went to Barcelona with recently, and then I thought I ‘d give you a rest from them because I quite like this picture too. You should always, always, always make time for City Breaks with your best friends.

They are the easy to plan, easy on the pocket, and you tend to get a good mix of everything. Check out Holiday Pirates for some pretty good deals in Europe!

An all inclusive


Every girl deserves to be treated like a Princess while being called a Queen during the day before they head out to the Desert in the evening. Being wined and dined and having your drinks topped up as soon as they reach empty is probably the classiest you are ever going to see each other, so make the most of it!

Spontaneous trips


If you and your friends are all sitting there a little bit hungover on a rare sunny day in England and one of you drives, then you need to jump into the immediately and drive somewhere new to spend the day taking ridiculous photo’s and probably eating a lot.

Ones you don’t really remember


When you go out in a new City, like Rome in this picture and wake up the next day a little bit like, errrrm? With nothing but your camera reel to tell you what happened…



You are probably going to look a little more glamorous than this. But you definitely need to take a day or two out of your Summer to head to a random Music festival in Somerset and camp on the windiest day of the year.

We’re so dumb..

Road trips


Probably while you sing to Lionel Ritchie at the top of your lungs…

The most memorable trip in the whole damn world


Maybe the first trip that you’ve booked and organised yourself. You find yourself in Iceland with one of your best friends, where you get to see the Northern Lights, Swim in the Blue Lagoon and gatecrash a private party in one of the clubs.

Check out Icelandair for great deals from the UK!


8 responses to 10 Trips Every Girl Should Take With Her Best Friends

  1. Samantha says:

    I’ll have to give all these girl trips a try, but first I need to find girlfriends who actually like to travel. All of mine aren’t really into it so I tend to travel alone…


  2. You obviously 1) have a lot of fun and 2) have close girlfriends that want to travel with you. Bravo on both accounts! Life is too short to be serious all the time, so when it’s time to take a break, doing it with friends makes it more lasting, more important, and more memorable. All those pics help to memorialize those moments (even when you can’t remember who took them, or what you were doing, ha ha!).


  3. jamporter says:

    I love this list and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit them all, but now I want to hit them again!!!


  4. holistichonnies says:

    great blog – now i want to take a trip with my girlies 🙂


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