8 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained In The Airport…

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As I write this post, I am sitting in Luton airport with a hot chocolate, typing away on the iPad, looking like a proper blogging dickhead.

regret nothing.

My friend’s on her way from Dublin at the moment, and as luck would have it, because I was super early to arrive at the airport, her flight is now super delayed. So here’s a list of ways you can entertain yourself in the airport when you don’t have the magical pass of a plane ticket to grant you access to the beautiful world of Duty Free.

1. Open the door to the cage that your inner creeper is firmly locked in, and allow them to step out and roam free….

People watching is my one of my favourite things to do. It gets me through rush hour tube journeys, it plays a huge role during my first day in a new City, it’s a way of avoiding looking at myself when my actions have led to me being a crushing disappointment.

And what better place to people watch than in the airport?

  • Where are people going?
  • Is it a short trip or part of longer-term travel?
  • If they are alone then are they leaving someone or meeting someone on the other side?

I have so many questions, and I’m just about creepy enough to imagine all of the answers in my own head, so this is a great way to kill some time.

2. Embrace being a pretentious blogger…

There are only so many hours in the day, and between working and other important activities that you need to do like checking facebook, brushing your hair and stalking a strangers Instagram, it becomes so easy to fall behind on writing.

So if you’re stuck waiting in the airport, then grab yourself a cheeky starbucks, or costa in my case, pull up a chair, open up your blogging platform and write away. Sure, there are probably a handful of people around you that can see your screen, know what you’re doing and utterly despise you for it, but who cares?

Maybe me a little bit…

3. Choose a random shop, a random worker and ask them to play a game…

I just left W H Smiths where I played ‘who am I?’ with the girl working behind the till. She had some spare post it notes, so we wrote a celebrity for eachother, stuck them on our foreheads and asked questions until we got the right answer.

This might seem like a weird idea to amuse yourself, and a scary one. But imagine working in a shop in an airport where you have to watch people swan off on Holiday all shift, every shift. You would be happy about playing a game with a stranger too, well I know I would.

4. Indulge…

How often can you justify to yourself grabbing an overpriced hot chocolate and cheese toastie? (Sorry health freaks…)

Buy yourself some goodies and enjoy. You deserve it kiddo.

5. Speed laps…

How long does it take you to walk round the entire airport?

Do it again! Can you beat it?

Alright, that sounds awful and it’s not one I intend on doing during the wait.

6. Annoy everyone you’ve ever met…

Most airports offer a time of free Wifi, make the bloody most of it and message everyone and anyone while they keep you entertained.

And when your phone starts to die you are thankfully never too far away from a charging point!

7. Pretend to be a spy…

Casually walk between places and speak to people like you’re on an important mission. This is one I haven’t done yet, but now I really want to.

I think the sugar from my hot chocolate may be starting to kick in…

8. Write a new bucket list…

So you’re sitting in the airport and you’re not actually flying anywhere?

Sucks to be you friend. Use that to get inspired and create a new Bucket list filled with all of the places you wish you were going today.

So that’s about it. My friend should land soon.

How would you amuse yourself in the airport?

5 responses to 8 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained In The Airport…

  1. China Barbie says:

    I love this!
    I love traveling, and like all travelers, have found myself waiting alone in an airport for ungodly amounts of time (12 hour layover in South Korea, why not?!!).
    These are great tips!!!


  2. Sybille says:

    I’ve never read an article like this before and I must say that I really like it!
    Great post idea 🙂 I’ll think about it next time I’ll go to the airport ^^

    Thank you for this!
    Nice day to you ❤

    Sybille ♡

    The new new girl


  3. Anna says:

    Yep, I have blogged and written messages to my friends. And I ALLWAYS have something to read, usually a paperback.

    If the flight is late, don’t forget to do all you can to choose how to use every allowed cent of the free coupon of 7 euros at the airport cafe and not use one of yours.

    Please don’t keep walking around the airport. I once did because I had arrived far too early. Soon someone approached asking if I needed help. Sorryyyy… I’m ordinary not dangerous…


  4. Anna says:

    And thank you for the amusing post! I’m so happy to having found your blog through Twitter!


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