10 Reasons Sharm El Sheikh Needs To Remain On Your Bucket List

I just finished reading an article on the Telegraph website by some twat named Allison Pearson, who frankly shouldn’t be trusted alone with a keyboard. To summarise her ramblings of shite… DEATH BE ON ALL YE WHO VISIT SHARM EL SHEIKH.

Shut up Allison.

The end of last year found me in Sharm El Sheikh with two of my lovely friends having the best damn week of my life. While I realise that it is not the safest place to go and visit right now, don’t completely scribble it off of your bucket list just yet. Here’s a list of reasons why it should remain firmly on there.

1. To find Nemo.


To quote another one of my favourite Disney films…

 “Under the sea

Darling it’s better

Down where it’s wetter

Take it from me”

2. You’re a Queen and no one will tell you otherwise.

For the entirety of the trip I was referred to as “my Queen” by all of the waiting staff. While the beginning of the week found me inadvertently dodging eye contact each time I was called this, by the end of the week I was in my full stride and accepting it like the Egyptian Queen I was born to be.

Service is damn good, and even though you know that there are hundreds of other people all being treated in exactly the same way, you can’t help but feel like you’re getting preferential treatment.

3. Quad biking and camel riding in the desert at sunset.


“What makes the desert beautiful, is that somewhere it hides a well…”

One of the best memories I have, from like my entire life is sitting on the back of the Quad biking instructors bike, hurtling through the air in the pitch black desert with nothing but the light of the bike to guide us. At first I was all “weeeeeeee”, and then a little bit “arrrrgh”, and then we broke down, and I was like “shit, this is bad”. I could very faintly hear the music in the distance from where we had left the others, but we couldn’t see anything as we had lost the light from the bike.

Not to be dramatic, but my heart was beating like a million miles an hour at this point, and I thought that my friends would have to return back to England and calmly explain to my Mum that they had lost me somewhere in the desert. Luckily, after about 20 minutes passed by the engine kicked back into life and my instructor dropped me back off to camp, and my worried friends.

I realise that I started this story by saying that this was one of my favourite memories, and then went on to explain something terrifying, but how many people can say that they have literally flown through the god damn air in the middle of the night in the desert? It was amazing, and 10/10 would want to do again.

4. Stargazing and a dance show in the desert.

 If you’ve always fancied seeing what life is like in the desert, with the romantic accompaniments of stargazing and music, then Sharm El Sheikh is your chance to finally do it. You’re hardly going to walk away from an evening in the desert going “What a bloody waste of time that was Carol” are you?

5. To spend day trips on a boat feeling like the best you you’ve ever been.


You can dive, you can snorkel, or if you really want you can just sunbathe on the deck of the boat all day with your book & great company.

6. Sharm Old Market.

You are warned and warned and warned that this is a place that you absolutely need to go to with a tour guide or group, but we experienced no bother whatsoever just the three of us. It’s easy and cheap enough to get to via taxi which you can order from the resort that you’re staying in, and arrange a pickup time for them to come and collect you and take you back again.

The Market is full of amazing goodies that you can haggle down to a super cheap price, and then you can have a break from resort food by stuffing your face with authentic Egyptian food in one of the restaurants.

7. The glorious sea.

egypt 2

If the red sea was a person then I would probably lick it’s face…

8. It very rarely drops below 18°C.

Suck it England with your ‘light drizzle’.

9. New friends.

egypt 3

Egyptians are bloody hilarious and super sociable. They’re maybe my new faves. This was also the first time I’d stayed on a resort before which is pretty much made up of your own little social circle to walk into.

10. Absolute luxury.

Everything throughout your trip will be top of the range. From the hotel you’re staying in, to the massage you have which is a full body one combined with hot stones. The mini fridge, your terrace area attached to your room, the constant topping up of your water/ ice tea/ cocktail or beer by the pool.

Tourism is such a huge part of Sharm El Sheikh, and they really have perfected their service and their way of saying thanks. You will walk away from there bursting from all of the amazing things you’ve seen and done, incredibly relaxed and generally wondering why the rest of the weeks in the year aren’t filled with that much luxury.

So ignore Allison Pearson over at the Telegraph because she is a moron. Egypt isn’t getting great press at the moment, but don’t let that stop you from going to see it yourself. So far I’ve only been to Sharm El Sheikh, but Allison Pearson and any other moron like her won’t stop me from going back and seeing more of what Egypt has to offer….

14 responses to 10 Reasons Sharm El Sheikh Needs To Remain On Your Bucket List

  1. Anna says:

    Lizzie your introduction to the post is poetry! It really made me smile. Keep doing the great job! 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    Lizzie, really loved your introduction, it made me smile! Keep doing the great job 🙂


  3. Love this! Which hotel did you stay at? I went there twice and will definitely go again! First time I stayed at Sonesta beach hotel, and the second time which was in last July we stayed at the Sheraton resort. We spent most of our time snorkelling, just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful corals and the fish that you get to see! Breathtaking! The food is awesome, and you end up gaining a bit of weight as there are so many different options and you get to each as much as you like! And what we loved about the old market is going to one of these small cafes where you can have a fresh mango juice, and it’s super cheap too! PS. I’m Jordanian and it’s only one hour flight to go from Amman to Sharm. I hate it how the media always make it sound like these countries are not safe and horrible, Jordan is VERY safe. Nothing ever happens in Jordan, but the media always seems to want to scare people off… Same for Egypt!


  4. Gloria says:

    It’s a shame when bad press gives such a beautiful place such a bad name! Your totally right! And wow that sunset looks amazing! 👌🏻😘


  5. Lisa says:

    You had me at…. Quad biking and camel riding in the desert at sunset. Really looks like an amazing place. Cool article!


  6. lindahobden says:

    It is sad when terrorist activity affects a tourist destination – for years Beirut in Lebanon was a thriving resort destination and then all hell broke loose – it is very gradually picking up the pieces. Next year both Tunisia and Sheikh el Sharm may struggle to be as popular as before but as you quite rightly say, don’t discount the resort altogether. The tourists will be back! 😊


  7. Love it! I just got back from Cairo as went during the Oman National Holiday weekend and wish I had more time to get here. I loved being referred to as a Queen while I was there, got to get back ;-).


  8. Really surprised by your comment regarding Sharm Old Market. I haven’t been to SeS but I’ve been to Marrakesh and heard from other travellers that they’re similar. I was harassed endlessly. So maybe I will give the Sharm Old Market a go when I’m in SeS!


  9. Not a gypsy... says:

    YES. I was there last February. The snorkeling is incredible! 🙂


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