17 Reasons You Should Go To Italy Right This Second

1. It’s probably written in Italian Law somewhere that you need to put down the diet and pick up the carbs.


2. There’s a region called Abruzzo that is so gorgeous and untouched by tourists that I could throw up from happiness.


3. Italian’s are one of the friendliest bunch in the whole wide world…


4. You can go to the Colosseum and shout ‘are you not entertained?!’ at the top of your lungs.


5. The sunset’s are just perfect!


6. Life doesn’t get much better than sitting outside of the Duomo in Florence with a glass of wine.


7. Nights out will probably lead to you joining an impromptu street party outside of a food van that’s complete with music and free wine at 7am.


8. You can fail so hard at getting a picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa that you win…


9. You might go to Naples and find that there is a random Music festival happening on the beach…


10. Italian men!


11. Instead of a drunk emotional goodbye in the kebab shop at 3am when you or your friend is leaving the Country, it will be a drunk, emotional goodbye at the Trevi Fountain at 3am with noone around…


12. You can be on a segway and still feel the most majestic you’ve ever felt in your life.


13. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to fondle strangers moustaches.


14. Gelato!!


15. It might be the only place in the World that you will find someone to feed you oranges every time you go to a specific bar.


16. The snow can make somewhere ugly look magical…


17. The Italian’s will always get your name right on the first go…

Lazy? Nope…

Lezzie? Still no…

Elizabetta? That will do.

Today I’m having the biggest I miss Italy day…

11 responses to 17 Reasons You Should Go To Italy Right This Second

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh, I miss Italy too!!! Love your list. I would add to mine, the coffee, and in he country side little Italian men who want to adopt you because you speak english. 😉


  2. Dermot Barry says:

    I totally agree. The food, the history, the wine, the coffee … can you get homesick for somewhere that’s not your home?


  3. I just got back from Italy and I want to move there. You hit every point that I LOVED about the country. I can’t wait to go back and explore different regions.


  4. So much yes to the carbs. My fond memories of Italy when I visited from London for a week were: pasta, pasta, cannolis, pasta, bread, and gelato. Love it.


  5. Oh I here you! I’ve been having a few I miss Italy days as of late too! Probably my favourite country, full of amazing people, places and food!


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