Barcelona: The City Of Dreams..

I first visited Barcelona back in 2013 over Easter break, where although I liked it, I didn’t find myself completely blown away by the City. This time round however I found myself longing to stay. When you’re planning your trip to Barcelona, no amount of time will be enough as there is so much to see and do, so just spring for as long as you can.

The sights…

Parc de la Ciutadella

I’ve always been privy to a good park,and this one is absolutely no exception. It’s a bloody beautiful walk through, filled with new things round every turn. The Fontana di Cascada is the famous fountain that lies within the park that was designed by Josep Fontsére, who also designed the Trevi Fountain with the assistance of a young Gaudi.

It’s a great spot for a wander by foot or by bike, to sit and read a book or have a picnic. My friend and I were lucky enough to be there when there were loads of different food and drink stools, but if there’s not then just take your own – it’s cheaper anyway. You’ll be treated to people watching and people attempting the tightrope. So magical on a sunny day!

parc de la ciutadella 10parc de la ciutadella 3parc de la ciutadella 5parc de la ciutadella 2parc de la ciutadella 12parc de la ciutadella 11

Montjuïc Castle & Cable Car

“Montjuïc” means “Jew Mountain” in old Catalan.You take a terrifying death trap in the form of a cable car all the way to the top where you will find views of the City & the fortress waiting for you at the top.

montjuicmontjuic 4montjuic 2

La Sagrada Familia

This amazing Church was designed by Gaudi during the last era of his life. He was completely and utterly obsessed with it, and even moved in there during the last few years of his life, only leaving for walks and weekly visits to Church. The Church has had work being done to it for 100 years, and even when designing it, Guadi knew he would never see it finished within his lifetime. I can’t even fathom how someone would be able to come up with such incredibly intricate designs that would be continued long after their death.

The building doesn’t seem like it is anywhere near finished yet on the outside, but it is estimated to be complete in 2020 so fingers crossed that we will see it’s completion soon! I would say that absolutely everyone needs to go and see La Sagrada Familia at some point in their life, no matter who you are you won’t be able to help being completely blown away by it.

la sagrada familia phone1la sagrada familia phone6Park Güell

Barcelona really bloody knows how to do a Park, and this one is a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Within it you can find Gaudi’s house, the monumental precinct, take a hike to views of the City and chill out with icecream. I absolutely loved it here and really can’t wait to go back and spend more hours snapping away with my camera!

park guell7park guell9 park guell10 park guell11 park guell12park guell4

There are so many more sites in Barcelona but these ones were the highlights of my trip!

Other activities to do during your visit…

Fat Tire Bike Tour 

For the best bloody day of your life, get yourself a place booked on a tour with these guys. It will set you back around 24 euros depending on your age, if you’re a student and which tour you choose. I was booked onto the standard City tour, and after the fear of not finding the group in the square passed, I was welcomed into the fold by the loveliest bunch of people, full of enthusiasm & ready for the day.

At first I was chatting away with Dicken who had me in stitches the way he admitted that he likes to see himself as somewhat of a sheepherder at the beginning of the tour as he’s rounding up the troops.


(I realise that really doesn’t sound as funny now that I’ve typed it…)

fat tire 2

Anywho, so we got divided into groups and given these tickets to exchange for our bikes. (Ignore my neglected, chipped nail… I’m a tramp). I was on the AM tour which starts at 11am and ends at 3.30pm – your legs will thank you later!

My tour guide was Cam, an Aussie who seemed to have unlimited information and History on all things Barcelona. He was like a walking/ cycling History book who I’m very grateful to for teaching me so much about the City.

fat tire1

Although I was a little bit apprehensive about cycling in the City at first due to so much traffic etc, I was pleasantly surprised by how safe I felt throughout the tour. It really is a City built for cycling, so if you want to see the City in the best way, then hop on a bike with these guys. We got to go to all of the main sights and even stopped off for lunch in a lovely, albeit slightly overpriced beach bar.

Tip: DO NOT WEAR A LONG SKIRT. Or you will end up falling off of your bike and creating a slight domino effect of people toppling off their bikes behind you…

Use this tour on your 1st or 2nd day in the City to get your bearings and see where you want to spend more time in. As a bonus you’ll also get some great restaurant and bar recommendations, and if you’re a solo traveller then it’s a great way to make a couple of pals to spend some time with after!


Barcelona isn’t shy on it’s offerings of beaches.

What better way is there to spend a day?

Food tour

When in Spain, do as the Spanish do and why not hop on board a tapas tour in the City?

My Barcelona Highlights…

  • Getting to see and catch up with old friends. Having spent an intense Summer in Spain working together a couple of years ago, it was amazing to finally get to see their pretty faces again.
  • Drinking a beer that was quite possibly bigger than my head.
  • Learning that Parrot’s are the pests of Barcelona. Like, how?
  • Going away with my lovely friend who I hadn’t been away with before.
  • Practising Spanish.
  • Gaudi. I’ve never had that much interest in an architect before, but the story of Gaudi had me hooked. From his humble beginnings, to his still extremely humble end, I couldn’t wait to hear more.
  • Sangria. All the Sangria.


Have you been to Barca? What were your favourite things about the City that I haven’t mentioned?

3 responses to Barcelona: The City Of Dreams..

  1. Anisa says:

    Your list is great. I also enjoyed the Picasso Museum. It was interesting to see his early works.


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