Growing Up British, Sorry…


Us Brits have an amazing talent of making a name for ourselves around the World. From getting drunk and incredibly trashy on a ‘Lads on tour’ holiday on a Greek Island somewhere, to taking great pleasure in the secret of what exactly a Cheeky Nandos is to ourselves (sorry, but I’ll never tell) to having the best god damn breakfast there ever was.

Amongst all of this, there is one thing that us Brits do more than any other nationality, and that’s say sorry as much as we possibly can every day of every week of every year.

So if you, like myself have grown up British then here is a complete list of things that you’re probably sorry for:

Arriving early

Arriving late

Arriving on time, sorry!

For phoning

When someone phones you

For missing a call

For answering a phone call a little bit too quickly

When you bump into someone

When someone bumps into you… OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY!

For leaving

For getting another drink

For not wanting another drink when someone offers you one. (lol, that doesn’t happen)

When you’re not ready to order

When you’re ready to order but not everyone else is

When you order something but the restaurant doesn’t have it

For squeezing past someone

When someone squeezes past you, woops… sorry

For caring

For not caring enough

For not finishing your dinner

For finishing your dinner too quickly

For not hearing someone

When someone doesn’t hear you

When someone says sorry

When someone says anything at all really

When you get paid

When you haven’t been paid

When you interrupt someone

When someone interrupts you

For giving someone your seat

For looking at someone

When you wait too long to drink your tea and then it gets cold

For breathing

For moving

For existing


And just for you apologetic Brits here is a list of ‘sorry’ in a couple of different languages so that you can continue being sorry everywhere you go:

Spanish – Lo Siento or perdón

Italian – Scusa or Mi Dispiace

Catalan – Ho sieto

Croatian – Oprostite

Finnish – Anteeksi

French – Je suis désolé(e)

German – Es tut mir leid

Welsh – N chwith

Mandarin – Dui Bu Qi

Dutch – Het spijt me or sorry

Czech – Pardon

Greek – Sygnomi

Portuguese – Delculpe

You stay apologetic Britain!

5 responses to Growing Up British, Sorry…

  1. aliceness says:

    Saying ‘sorry’ for being sorry.
    Saying ‘sorry’ for not being sorry.


  2. annajpeters says:

    I’m definitely guilty of apoligising to people who bump into me (what was I thinking, taking up space). This really made me laugh, thanks! 🙂


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