Budapest: The City Where Anything Is Possible…

There is something special about Budapest; you can feel it from the moment you arrive in the city. There isn’t anything in particular that stands out as the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and the reason why Budapest is so special but you can just feel it all around you.

Having a drunken conversation with a lovely Scottish girl from my Hostel on one of the nights we both agreed that the vibe of the city was unlike any other we’d visited. Not that I sit back and recall the visit, bar one extremely crazy man that shouted at me for not wanting pictures, I don’t remember seeing one grumpy looking person, which is rare to find in any City.

The journey…

As Six Year Gap Year and I were already in Prague, we were able to get the coach from there. We were originally going to get a BlaBlaCar but unfortunately that fell through at last minute. Our coach came equipped with air conditioning, TV’s, comfy seats, plenty of leg room and most importantly 30p beers. So if you are looking to do a similar journey then go and book a ticket from Student Agency Buses for under £20.


The journey gave us a quick break in Brno where we met what could well be the happiest Czech man in the world. Upon seeing our struggle to find the toilets, he threw Czech words and arm movements at us which we could only assume meant to follow him, and so we did. Walking down the road giggling to himself as we walked past a couple of toilets we couldn’t help but wonder if we were about to get Taken. With Liam Neeson not readily available to come to our aid we questioned turning back the other way until he dropped us off in a different stations toilets. With one final giggle and waving of the arms he left us standing there to go on with our slightly tipsy day… Thanks random Czech man!

Next we got some more beer drinking, and good hard napping done before arriving in to Bratislava far too late to do any of the site seeing that we had planned to do there before buses, and had to wait for our next connection. God damn you Eastern Europe with your late buses! But all was made okay when our next bus eventually arrived and took us all the way to Budapest!

Where to stay…

Exhausted, ridiculously hot and quite possibly drunk we managed to find our way to The Red Fox Hostel where we were staying. We were initially planning on staying in for our first night in Budapest ready for a busy day of sightseeing the next day but when we were met with a friendly staff & the sign below it would have been rude not to go out…


Warning: Read the fineprint on something like this. We didn’t realise that this meant at the bar only and not on the pub crawl that we had agreed to go on & so missed out on the drinking at the bar part to go out and grab a pre pub crawl dinner. Thanks to the amazing staff they have at the Red Fox Hostel we were given a re-fund to spend on Jagerbombs for all…

Reasons to stay in this hostel…

  • Great location. Close to Tram lines & even closer to a metro stop.
  • It’s really sociable with a bar downstairs & drinking games with strangers.
  • Awesome staff who will go out of their way to help you out or take you out drinking.
  • Computers with internet access & printers available which is great when you need to check in to your flight and print your boarding pass.
  • Even though it’s a party hostel, everything is very quiet and respectful in the dorms if you want to catch a decent nights sleep. Request one of the upstairs rooms and you’re golden.
  • Enough showers available so you don’t have to queue too long when it’s rush hour for the showers.
  • Good price which won’t set you back too much with your budget.

Negatives to think about before booking…

  • Pretty hot and sweaty, but you can easily ask for more fans to help with this.
  • In my room there wasn’t that many plug sockets available.
  • There’s not a cooking facility. I was only on a holiday so it wasn’t a problem for me, but for long term travel this could upset your budget a fair bit.

Heading to Budapest yourself soon and want to try them out? Then go and check out The Red Fox Hostel for yourself!

Our stay was definitely a memorable one that comes equipped with bar crawls, boat parties & pool parties.

hostel 2


What to do in Budapest…

Budapest is much bigger than I thought it was going to be. Where I had just come from Prague, I was ready for days of walking absolutely everywhere. But apparently that can’t be done so much in Budapest so you’ve got to use a bit of public transport to get around.

Visit Castle Hill 

Highlights here include…

  • Old walls & middle aged gates
  • Quaint, narrow streets
  • Beautiful views of the City
  • The Fisherman’s bastion
  • Soaking in the atmosphere
  • It was a ridiculously humid day, so when it began to rain it was weirdly nice to just sit in the quickly emptied area and soak it in

castle hill 3

castle hill 2

castle hill 4

castle hill 1

castle hill 6

castle hill 8

castle hill 9

Chain Bridge

Highlights include…

  • More stunning views
  • I didn’t think I’d ever say this about a bridge, but it is genuinely very impressive
  • Incredibly photographic
  • It’s a nice walk across mixing the old with the new
  • A hot but rainy day left me feeling ‘free’ as we walked, skipped, danced & posed for pictures on the bridge

chain bridge
chain bridge 5

Shoes on the Danube Promenade memorial…

It would feel disrespectful to write “highlights” here, as there were no highlights to visiting this memorial, it is just an incredibly moving experience. Around 40 different pairs of shoes made out of iron can be found scattered by the edge of the water. The real teary eye moment of the whole thing is when you notice the kids shoes scattered amongst them.

The shoes resemble the Jews who were ordered to take off their shoes before being shot into the Danube. A reminder of a cruel world full of hatred that can’t be changed or taken back, but that humanity must work together in order to prevent such horrific acts ever being able to take place again.

If there is only one thing that you go to Visit when you go to Budapest then make it this. With flowers and coins left in the shoes, it will leave a lump in your throat, and allow your imagination to run wild as you look at the empty shoes left behind without their owners from one of the darkest times in our history.

shoes 3  shoes 5

shoes 6

shoes 7


 Hungarian Parliament building

Highlights include…

  • Beautiful & Unique architecture
  • A view of the Danube
  • Performances from the guards as they walk around
  • Pretty gardens


Szechenyi Baths

Highlights include…

  • The best damn day of your life
  • A mini wave machine
  • ALL the baths, both cold & hot water
  • Sun & water
  • Water & sun


Vajdahunyad Castle

Highlights include…

  • An absolutely stunning replica of a Castle that makes you feel like you are in part of a fairytale
  • Walking through the lovely park
  • Watching passersby
  • Watching a beer tour ride past having the time of their lives

castle 3

castle 4  castle 5

Cat cafe

Highlights include…

  • Being in a cafe full of cats
  • Cheap wine
  • Sharing your table with a cat
  • Cheap wine
  • CATS

cat 2    cat 7


Final tips on Budapest…

  • Drink in the ruin bars, they are so awesome and definitely worth your time and money
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, Budapest doesn’t have time for your agenda, and will find a way to break it
  • Wear all the sunscreen, the memories of my burn still hurt
  • Finally, eat goulash & ALL of the langosch

Happy travels!

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