Tagliacozzo, the Ancient Village.

Pronounced TIE-YA-COTSO!

Tagliacozzo is an idyllic Medieval Village found in the region of Abruzzo. It is no surprise that it has won the title of being one of Italy’s most beautiful Villages (I borghi piu belli d’italia). I wouldn’t recommend booking a holiday just to the Village, but definitely go to Abruzzo and factor it in as being one of the places that you go and explore. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

My friend and I went on a daytrip on the train from Avezzano on a recommendation of a local. We didn’t really know what to expect, but Tagliacozzo sure didn’t disappoint. We walked around the town, admired a chocolate festival, purchased a new cardigan, drank hot chocolate, had a behind-the-scenes tour of a leather shop and got absolutely drenched by the rain.

Walking in to Tagliacozzo…

tagliacozzo 1 tagliacozzo 2 tagliacozzo 4 tagliacozzo 5 tagliacozzo 7 tagliacozzo3 tagliacozzo6 tagliacozzo8

Pretty excited about the whole thing…


Piazza duca degli abruzzi


Put on some good walking shoes!

tagliacozzo17  tagliacozzo15

tagliacozzo14    tagliacozzo12     tagliacozzo13

Obviously had to get a profile picture…


A little old lady was so proud of her garden that she came out of her house to ask us to take a photo of it:


Then came the rain, but luckily we found this spot…

tagliacozzo21        tagliacozzo20  tagliacozzo22    tagliacozzo19

Next it rained some more…


Run forest run!


And then this lovely man took pity on us so gave us shelter and a tour in his shop of all things leather…

tagliacozzo28 tagliacozzo25 tagliacozzo27 tagliacozzo29  tagliacozzo31   tagliacozzo34 tagliacozzo33tagliacozzo35 tagliacozzo30tagliacozzo36

What other hidden Italian treasures would you recommend visiting? 

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