5 reasons why you should use BlaBlaCar to get to your next destination.

Organised hitchhiking and a cheap trip sound like your cup of tea? Then BlaBlaCar could just be the thing for you…

Why, I hear you ask?

Because it’s a great way to meet new people

This is probably one of my favourite reasons to get on and use BlaBlaCar. Often when you are using other means of transport you tend to pop your headphones in and ignore all those that surround you. Well this is something you probably shouldn’t do when using BlaBlaCar. Especially if it is just you and the driver in the car at that point in time.  So it’s a great way to leave your comfort zone to get chatting to some new people. Hey, you never know… you could even find your dinner or drinking partner for that evening if you are going to a new place on your own.

It’s easier than getting to and from big stations

One of the biggest faff’s I find from a journey always comes from getting to and from the big station or airport that you are departing from. A lot of the big ones tend to be in awkward places that take a few buses or trains to get to. That combined with your big travel bag can be an absolute nightmare. The great thing about BlaBlaCar is that you can negotiate a more central meeting place with the driver. You are paying money towards their journey so the meeting and drop off place needs to be a place that suits you as much as it suits them.

You will find that it’s a lot cheaper than other travel options most of the time

I used BlaBlaCar in Spain and Italy and would always find that it would save me an absolute fortune compared to the train or buses. I’m using it for the first time in England next month to go from London to my old university town in Falmouth, Cornwall. A simple search on various train websites was showing my ticket would be in the region of £100 without a railcard, and coaches were in the region of £40. A quick search on BlaBlaCar found me a journey on the day that I wanted to leave for £20 – Absolute result.

It’s a great opportunity to dabble in other languages

This applies especially if you are living in a different country and practicing the language. If you’ve got to go on a journey to anywhere then why not surround yourself by people speaking the language that you are trying to learn. Buy one journey and get a free language lesson. It’s a great place to practice your speaking skills in a non-judgmental environment because you are probably never going to see the people from that journey again anyway…

And most of all… just for the experience and the story

Every journey you take from BlaBlaCar will be different. You will meet people from all over with amazing stories to tell. My favourite and weirdest journey was when I was in Italy and trying to find a lift to take myself and a friend of mine from Florence to Rome. We eventually went with quite a young dude.

So anyway, on our first night of arriving in Florence he told us a meeting point for in a couple of days’ time and asked if I knew where it was. I said no as I had just got to the City, but assured him that I would find out before departure. He generously agreed to come and meet me and my friend and show us where it was that night to make it all a bit easier for us. He came to meet us at the Duomo which is one of the biggest tourist areas in Florence, so I asked him to send me a photo so I knew who I was looking for. My phone got bombarded with about 5 photos of him… including a body shot of him in speedo’s. I wish that was a joke.

Fast forward a bit of the night when we’ve found each other, learnt all about him and his friend swimming professionally and we have been taken to a great local drinking spot, and my friend realises that he’s a guy that she had previously matched with him on Tinder. We eventually ditched the guys thinking that it was all getting a bit weird and hung out with an American and British dude for the rest of the night.

The tale was complete when we drove to Rome a few days later squished into his tiny little car with two other British girls minus a seat belt or two. He had messaged us the day before asking if we wanted to go swimming with him, to which we declined… only to find out that it was actually a pool party that we had missed by getting lost in translation and assuming he fancied swimming a couple of laps. He fixed it all by showing us pictures of his pig named Claudia and laughing to himself every so often. Unfortunately it wasn’t a match made by Tinder and BlaBlaCar for him and my friend… but it was one of my favourite journeys/ people I’ve met ever.

So after all of this do you fancy giving it a go yourself? Pop on and check out http://www.blablacar.com/ Either make yourself an account which only takes two minutes… or quicker yet, sign in using Facebook! I’d love to hear your own stories from using it.

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