5 ideas to get into the Christmas spirit in London.

We have just entered my absolute favourite month of the year… December! The month of scarfs, gloves and coats… my mum’s birthday, and CHRISTMAS! I have spent most of my Christmas’s in London, so thought I would dedicate a post to talk you through places you should definitely not miss in London this year.

Winter Wonderland

Hop off the tube at either Hyde Park Corner, Green Park or Marble Arch.

Winter Wonderland for me is iconic London at Christmas. Everyone has either been, or wants to go. It contains a pop-up ice rink, frozen sculpture displays AND it’s even got a cheeky circus. It is a day full of different activities and you can head down to the christmas market to eat Frankfurt’s and drink far too much beer. It’s family, groups of friends, couples friendly. So head on over there and enjoy!

Vauxhall Christmas tree maze

Hop off the tube in either Vauxhall or Oval

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! A whole maze made out of beautifully decorated christmas tree’s. Why wouldn’t you want to go here? Guests get to take in the smells of christmas from the tree’s as they wander around what is nearly a square kilometer worth of mazey goodness… those who manage to find their way into the middle will be met with an extremely special guest. In addition to this, they also have an outdoor ice rink, craft stalls, a cabin bar and yummy street food stalls. 

Ski Lodge at Montague on the gardens

Hop off the tube in either Russell Square, Tottenham Court Rd, Goodge Street or Holborn.

This is the third year in a row that this is running and it’s definitely made it on to my list of things that I want to do this christmas. It’s complete with falling snow, reindeer’s, twinkling lights, pine tree’s and lots and lots of Christmas jumpers. In addition to this there are special christmas flavoured vodka’s and liquors accompanied by a CHEESE FONDUE. Dipping food in other food while snow falls on me? Don’t mind if I do.

A £20 ‘lift pass’ gains you all of the above.

Ice skating at Somerset house

Hop off the tube at Temple or Embankment

If Winter Wonderland isn’t screaming ‘iconic London Christmas’ at you enough, than this certainly will. You will hear Tchaikovsky as you skate around and look at the 40 foot Christmas tree. There is also late night shopping on offer and lots of special seasonal experiences off of the ice. I’m going to be grabbing my skates… (or renting some) at my earliest chance.

Hot tub Christmas cinema

Hop off the tube in Shoreditch

There was one for halloween, these sneaky little hipsters absolutely HAD to have one for christmas too. You can get down to your swimwear with your pals in a cosy, warm hot tub laughing in the face of the coldness that’s outside it. A few drinks, a cult film and some christmas favourites to really put you in the mood. Nothing says Christmas quite like watching Elf in a hot tub does it…? Well maybe not, but it would still be pretty great though.  

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